Admin Guide - Adding the Kanban Board to Waterfall Projects

    The Kanban Board allows you to manage project tasks in a Kanban view. The Kanban board is part of the Project Lightning record page for both Agile and Task List projects, but it can also be added to Waterfall projects. This help article will show you how to add the Kanban board to your Waterfall projects.


    Please Note:

    The steps below must be completed by a Salesforce System Administrator as it requires access to Salesforce Setup.


    1. In Setup, go to Object Manager.

    2. Enter "Project" in the Quick Find box and click on Project.

    3. Go to Lightning Record Pages and click on the Project Lightning record page you are using. The image below is just an example.

    4. Click on Edit.

    5. Click on the component that contains your tabs (or you can click on any tab) to select the area. Then, click on Add Tab in the panel on the right.

    6. A new "Details" tab will be added.

    7. Click on the new "Details" tab that was added. In "Tab Label", select Custom and in "Custom Label", enter "Kanban". Then, click on Done. This will rename the new tab to "Kanban".

    8. You can then drag and drop it to your desired area on the page. In the example below, the Kanban board will display after the "Details" tab.

    9. Next, click on the Kanban tab.

    10. From the list of Components on the left, under "Custom - Managed", drag Inspire - Kanban Board into the Kanban tab.

    11. Click on Save to save your changes. When you open a project, you will now see the Kanban tab which contains the Kanban board.



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