Critical Path and Critical Task Indicator

    The critical path looks at all the tasks that are putting the project plan at risk. These are tasks that have a direct impact to the Project Finish Date.


    The Critical Task indicator is a checkbox that lets you know if the task is considered critical to the Project Finish Date. 


    The Critical Task indicator is an automated field, meaning that Inspire Planner automatically sets the checkbox to True or False, depending on whether the task falls within the Project Critical path.


    Please Note:

    • The Project Scheduling Mode has to be set to "Automatic" for the Critical Tasks to calculate and update correctly.
    • Once a Task is marked as "Complete" (or an equivalent status), it will send the Critical checkbox to FALSE but will remain highlighted in the Gantt to denote that the task is part of the overall critical path.



    To view the critical path within the Gantt chart, click on the Display Project Critical Path icon within the Project Toolbar.


    If you have time tracking only tasks within the Project and do not want these to be included in the Critical Path, set the Finish Date to 1 day prior to the Project Finish Date.



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