Define Portfolio Columns

    Inspire Planner allows you to define which fields from the Project are displayed as columns within your Portfolios. By default, the following columns are already included in Portfolios:


    • WBS
    • Row Number
    • Open Project 
    • Project Name
    • % Complete
    • Status
    • Duration
    • Start Date
    • Finish Date
    • Overall Project Health
    • Budget
    • Schedule
    • Resources
    • Scope
    • Risks
    • Issues
    • Description


    These default fields are intended to be part of the interface and cannot be removed. However, there is a field set in the Project object called “Portfolio - Custom Fields” which allows you to specify which fields in the project object you would like to have added as a column in Portfolios in addition to the default columns listed above.


    Please Note:  Lookup Fields are not currently supported and should not be added to the Field Set.


    This help article will walk you through how to define your Portfolio Columns via the Portfolio - Custom Fields field set.


    1. Click on the Gear icon at the top right corner and go to Setup. 

    2. In Setup, go to Object Manager. 

    3. Enter "Project" in the Quick Find box at the top right and click on Project. 

    4. Go to Field Sets and click on Portfolios - Custom Fields. 

    5. Drag the fields into the box called "In the Field Set" then click on Save. 



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