Inspire Planner - Standard Permission Set Inclusions

    A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. Although you can also specify permissions through user profiles, permission sets extend users' functional access wihtout changing their profiles.


    When you install Inspire Planner, it comes with our standard permission set called "Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 Permissions". This provides users full access to all features and functions within Inspire Planner, including underlying components.


    It is recommended that you assign this permission set to all of your Salesforce users. To learn how, please see Assigning Inspire Planner Permission Set.


    If you are looking to restrict access to certain objects or fields within Inspire Planner, it is recommended that you clone our standard permission set and edit the clone to remove access. This ensures that users still have access to all other functional areas and underlying components of Inspire Planner.


    At the bottom of this help article is a spreadsheet outlining all the permissions included in the Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 permission set. This document will be updated with every release. If you are using custom permission sets, please ensure that you update your permission sets accordingly.







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