Gantt LWC - Navigating the Inspire Planner Project Gantt

    Need some help getting familiar with the Inspire Planner Project Gantt? The article below will walk you through the project interface, so you become familiar with the different sections and icons displayed on the page.


    Inspire Planner Project Gantt (Interface)

    First, let's familiarize ourselves with the different areas of the Inspire Planner Project Gantt.

    The Project Name can be found on the upper left-hand corner of the page. The Project Toolbar is the set of icons to the left. The Gantt Toolbar is on the upper right-hand corner of the page. See image below.

    The Task List is on the left, while the Gantt chart is on the right. 

    You can drag the divider left or right to see more of each side.


    The Task List is divided between your frozen columns and the task details (locked columns). The frozen columns remain visible when you scroll left or right within the task details.


    To move a column to the frozen section, right-click on the column heading and click on Move column to freeze.

    To remove a column from the frozen section, right-click on the column heading and click on Move column to locked.



    You can re-order the columns by simply dragging and dropping the column heading to your desired area.

    To display or hide columns, right-click on any column heading and click on Columns. Select the fields you would like to display. De-select the fields you would like to hide.


    Please Note:

    The column adjustments you make (hiding/displaying columns, re-ordering columns, moving columns to frozen or locked) are saved as part of your user preferences in the project. This means that it remembers your personal viewing preferences for this one project. Other users who navigate to the same project may see a different set of columns (view) based on their user preferences.

    Project Toolbar

    The Project Toolbar is the set of icons to the left. Each icon performs a specific action in the project plan. Unsure of what the icons do? Hover over each icon to see a brief description. See below for more information.



    Gantt Toolbar

    The Gantt Toolbar is the set of icons in the top right corner. Each icon performs a specific action on the Gantt Chart and also allows you to adjust your project settings.





    Task Action Icons

    These are the icons to the left of the project tasks. 


    Please note:

    If you do not see a specific icon, you may need to display/add the column to the project Gantt.




    Undo and Repeat Action Abilities

    You are able to undo or repeat unsaved changes within the project using the Undo Action and Repeat Action icons in the project toolbar.


    The red number beside the icon indicates the number of unsaved changes you can undo or repeat. You can only undo or repeat unsaved changes. 


    There are certain changes that cannot be undone or repeated using these icons. These include chatter posts, checklist items, task assignments, and adding project collaborators.


    Once you save the project, the undo and repeat action icons appear grayed out.



    To learn more, check out the Inspire Planner Help tab for How-To Guides, or submit a Help Ticket and the Inspire Support Team will get back to you.


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