Maintenance Release Notes - November 8 2022

    See below for what's included with Inspire Planner's November 8, 2022 Maintenance release.


    Release Date:

    Production: November 8, 2022


    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - Icons in Project Toolbar do not display when navigating between tabs on the Project Lightning Page Project Toolbar icons now continue to display correctly when navigating between tabs on the Project Lighting page. No action required
    Project - Paperclip Icon does not highlight when a link is attached to a Project Task The paperclip icon now highlights when there is a link attached to the Project Task. No action required
    Project - View All Project Attachments Icon only displaying single file The "View All Project Attachments" (Folder Icon in Project Toolbar) now correctly displays all files attached to all Project Tasks even when there are multiple files attached to the same Task. No action required
    Project - Currency and Number Fields now include a comma Currency and number fields now display a comma to make it easier for users to read values. No action required
    Project - Project Tasks Getting Deleted when Re-parented via Drag & Drop Project Tasks are no longer getting deleted when re-parented using drag and drop. No action required
    Project - View State and CPU Limit Errors Project Schedule (Gantt) now loads properly for large projects and no longer displays a view state size limit error. No action required
    Project - Lag Time does not calculate correctly when duration unit is not in Days Lag and Lead time is now calculating correctly for all duration units - hour, day, week, and month. No action required
    Project - Custom Lookup Dialogue always inserts first record ID Custom Lookup dialogue now correctly populates even when there are records with the same name. No action required
    Project - Custom Lookup Dialogue displaying duplicates Custom Lookup dialogue now displays values correctly after searching and selecting values. No action required
    External Project Portal - Updated Email Verification Syntax Updates were made to the Inspire Planner External Project Portal to better support different email domains. No action required
    Time Tracker - Saving Incorrect Number Format for French (Switzerland) Locale Time entries are now saving in the correct format for Salesforce Instances where the Locale is set to French (Switzerland). No action required
    Project Import Wizard - Updates made to support Salesforce Task mappings Updates were made to the Project Import Wizard so that Salesforce Tasks are now correctly being created and populated when the Import file contains assignments. No action required
    Portfolio - Collaborator Error The error message "Attempt to de-reference a null object" no longer appears when adding Collaborators to a Portfolio that formerly included Projects that have been since deleted. No action required
    Inspire Planner Beacon - Rollup Job Logic should not overwrite Actual Cost We've made updates to the Rollup logic that is part of the Inspire Planner Beacon so that when Actual Cost in Salesforce Tasks is $0 or blank, then Actual Cost on the Project Task is not overwritten. No action required



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