Project Status Report

    The Project Status Report is a PDF document that includes Project information such as Project Name, Status, % Complete, Owner, and Project Health (KPIs). It also includes key tasks and active risks and issues. The Project Status report is generated by clicking on the Download Status Report button on the Project Detail, and is automatically attached to the Project. The file can be found in the Files Related List. You may also choose to download a copy.


    To enable this feature, please see Project Status Report - Admin Guide. The steps outlined in the Admin Guide must be completed so that Inspire Planner users are able to see and populate fields that are referenced by the Status Report.


    Download the Project Status Report

    Once the this feature has been enabled in your Salesforce environment, you will now find the Download Status Report button within the Project Detail.


    Inspire Planner will then automatically generate the Project Status Report.

    Please Note:

    This process may take a few seconds to complete. A confirmation message will display onscreen when the report has been successfully generated.

    The Status Report is automatically attached to the Project and can be found in the Files Related List.

    Every time you click on Download Status Report, a new file is generated.


    Project Status Report Fields & Sections

    This section describes how the different sections of the Project Status Report is populated.


    The Logo displayed at the top left corner references the logo defined in custom settings.

    The Project Sponsor references the value in the Project Sponsor field on the Project.


    The Executive Summary box in the Project Status Report displays the Project Description.


    The Health Card section displays the Project KPIs. The boxes to the right of each KPI references the comment boxes for each KPI (i.e. Overall Project Health Comments, Budget Comments, etc). If you do not see the comment boxes for each KPI in the Project Detail, please refer back to the Project Status Report - Admin Guide.


    The Key Tasks section will display Project Tasks where the "Report" checkbox is set to TRUE. This provides you with the flexibility of choosing which tasks are included in the status report.


    The Active Risks and Issues section will display project risks and issues where the status is not canceled or not closed.



    Project Plan

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