Set Global Default Project Settings

    In Inspire Planner, Project Settings includes adjustments made to your column widths, displayed/hidden columns, the order of column headings and non-working days/weeks.


    Now suppose in your organization you are not tracking Budgeted Cost/Actual Cost and would like these columns hidden from the Project Schedule by default. Or perhaps you would like to define a default column order to make it easier for your users to see and populate information for Project Tasks. Or maybe you would like to define non-working days/weeks that are automatically applied to new projects. This help article will walk you through how to define a global default project setting for new projects.


    Please Note: The Default Global Project Setting only applies to new Projects created that do not inherit from a Template. If a Project is created from a template, it inherits the Project View settings from the template.


    Create a Project Template that contains your Default Project Settings

    The first step would be to create a Project Template that contains your default Project Settings.


    1. Create a Project Template that will contain your Default Project Settings.

      In the example below, we named the Project "Global Default Project Setting" to make it easier for users to identify that it is used for defining global settings for Projects. And then we set it as a template by placing a check mark in the "Is Template" box.

    2. You can choose to keep the Project blank and not create any tasks if you intend to only use it to define the global project settings.

      You can then adjust your task columns (hide/display columns), re-order your column headings, adjust column widths. 

      Please note the following:

      Any adjustments to the project template must be made by the template owner for it to be applied as a global default setting.

      The template must be shared with all Inspire Planner users.

      You may also define non-working days/weeks.

      You may also adjust the Project View Settings. 

      Please note: Timezone setting is not applied to new projects.


    Define Global Default Project Settings in Inspire Planner Settings

    Once you've created a Project Template that contains your default Project Settings, you will need to define it in the Inspire Planner Settings page.


    1. Go to the App Launcher. Enter "inspire planner" in the Quick Find box and click on Inspire Planner Settings.

    2. Under "Global Default Project Settings", search for and select your Project template and click on Save.

    3. A confirmation message will appear on the top of the page. Click on OK.



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