Time Tracker

    Time tracking allows users to define, view and log time against specific Project Tasks for each of your assigned resources.


    Planned Effort

    Before you start logging time against Project Tasks, you can set a Planned Effort time, which is the anticipated time needed in order to complete a specific Project Task. To set a Planned Effort time, double click on the cell for the desired project task under the Planned Effort column of your Project.



    The allocation of the Planned Effort time can also be divided between Assigned Resources. Double click on the Assigned To cell of the Project Task and click arrow.



    For each Assigned Resource, you can define a Unit, which is the percentage of the total Planned Effort time allocated to each resource. For example, let’s say the total Planned Effort for a specific Project Task is 3 hours. Setting the Unit to 50% for a specific resource means the Planned Effort for that resource is 1.5 hours, or 50% of the total Planned Effort time.


    Actual Effort

    In order to log time spent on the Project Task, users can define the Actual Effort time. Time can be logged from the Salesforce Task Record, or from the Inspire Planner Time Tracker tab.



    The Time Tracker will only list Projects and Project Tasks you have been assigned to.  First click on the day you would like to log time to.  Then select the Project Task that you want to log time against.


    Enter the amount of Time Spent (Hours:Minutes) and Work Description. Hit Save when finished.



    In order to log time for multiple days, select the Weekly view. Click Select Records to choose the Project Tasks you want to log time against. Select Add Records.

    Enter the time spent (Hours:Minutes) for the days you want to log time for. Select Save when finished.

    While time is logged by the resource in hours and minutes, Actual Effort time is defined as total number of hours. For example, let’s say a user logs 1 hour and 45 minutes against a task. The Actual Effort will be 1.75 hours, or one and three quarter hours. 



    Time Tracker

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