Shannon Kennelly

    How do people store files related to projects that may not be directly related to a task?

    For example, we are a nonprofit and we have to document all the bids we receive for a project even if we do not go with those bids. Does anyone have a best practice for document storage within a project?


    7 months ago


    Thai Nguyen

    Staff Contributor

    Hi Shannon,

    We recommend making your first Project Task represent the overall project, and then capture all other tasks as child task below it.  Then you can upload all project related documents to it.  For example:

    • My Project XYZ
      • Project Task 1
      • Project Task 2
      • Project Task 3

    Then you can attach non task specific documents to 'My Project XYZ'.

    Let me know if this is helpful.


    5 months ago
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