Add % Complete to Salesforce Tasks

    When an Inspire Project Task is assigned to a resource (user, contact or queue), an equivalent Salesforce Task is automatically created.


    When the following updates are made from the Salesforce Task, Inspire Planner automatically synchronizes the information with the Inspire Project Task and vice versa:


    • Status
    • % Complete
    • Inspire Project Task Notes / Salesforce Task Comments


    This help article will walk you through how to add the % Complete field on the Salesforce Task.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Go to Object Manager.

    3. Enter "Task" in the Quick Find Box and click on Task.

    4. Go to Page Layouts and click on the page layout you are using for Salesforce Tasks.

    5. Drag the % Complete field to your desired area on the page and click on Save.

    6. Next, go back to Object Manager. Then click on Activity.

    7. Go to Fields & Relationships and click on % Complete.

    8. Click on Set Field-Level Security.

    9. Set it to Visible for your user profiles and then click on Save.





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