Add Option to Exclude Projects from Time Tracker

    Time Tracker allows assigned resources to log the time they spend working on their assigned Tasks. By default, the Time Tracker page will display your assigned tasks where the task duration falls within the week displayed. Within the Records List on the left, you will see all Projects where Project Status is not "Completed" or "Canceled" and where there are Tasks assigned to you. 


    There may be instances, however, where you may not want specific Projects to display within Time Tracker. There is an option in Inspire Planner which allows users to exclude certain Projects from displaying in the Time Tracker tab. This help article will walk you through the necessary configurations to make this option available for Projects.


    Please note the following:

    • If you exclude a Project from Time Tracker, then this Project will not display in Time Tracker for all resources assigned to Tasks within the Project.
    • Excluding a Project from Time Tracker only prevents the Project from displaying in the Time Tracker tab but resources can still log time against their assigned Salesforce Tasks.
    • The steps outlined in this help article must be completed by a Salesforce System Administrator as it requires access to Setup.


    Grant Access to Exclude from Time Tracker Field

    You will need to first grant access to the field "Exclude from Time Tracker" in the Project Object. If you are using the standard, out-of-the-box permission sets within Inspire Planner, access to this field should already be included. However, if you are using custom permission sets, you will need to modify your custom permission sets and grant access to this field.


    1. In Setup, enter "Permission set" in the Quick Find box and click on Permission Sets.

    2. Click on your custom permission set. The image below is just an example of a custom permission set.

    3. Go to Object Settings.

    4. Scroll through the list of Objects and click on Projects.

    5. Click on Edit.

    6. Scroll through Field Permissions and look for "Exclude from Time Tracker". Enable both Read Access and Edit Access and then click on Save.


    Add Field to Page Layout and Lightning Record Page

    The next step would be for you to add the "Exclude from Time Tracker" field to your Project Page Layouts and Lightning Record Page.


    1. In the Project object, go to Page Layouts. Click on the Page Layout you are using.

    2. Drag the field "Exclude from Time Tracker" to your desired area on the page and click on Save.

      If you have Agile and Task List Projects enabled in Inspire Planner, you will also need to add this field to the page layouts you are using for Agile and Task List Projects.

    3. If you are using Dynamic Forms for your Project Lightning Record page, you will need to add the "Exclude from Time Tracker" field within the Lightning record page as well. In the Project Object, go to Lightning Record Pages and click on the Lighting Page you are using.

    4. Click on Edit.

    5. Go to the Details Tab. This area of the page allows you to specify which fields are displayed within the record detail of your Projects. Then within the panel on the left, click on Fields. Drag "Exclude from Time Tracker" to your desired area on the record detail.

      If you are using the multi-type Project Lighting Record page, you will need to add this field to the details tab for Agile and Task List Projects as well. Remember to click on Save when you are finished making your adjustments.


    After completing the steps above, Inspire Planner users will now see the option to exclude a Project from Time Tracker. To learn how to use this feature, please see Exclude Project from Time Tracker.


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