Maintenance Release Notes - Jan 17 2023

    See below for what's included with Inspire Planner's January 17, 2023 Maintenance release.


    Release Available On:

    Production: January 17, 2023


    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - Filtering tasks by Predecessor Column not working Tasks are now correctly filtering when Predecessor column contains multiple values (i.e. 5;8). No action required
    Project - Task Notification Emails not working on Auto-Assignment When the Project setting "Send Task Notification" is set to TRUE, task notification emails are now being sent to assigned resources when Tasks are assigned manually or automatically assigned using Project Teams & Roles. 
    No action required
    Project - Error when creating Projects from a Template containing inactive Roles Projects are now correctly being created even when the template used contains inactive Roles. The template will continue to display the inactive value in the Schedule but this value is not inherited by Projects when created from the Template or when using Save As function. No action required
    Project - Critical Path incorrectly highlighting in Gantt Chart Critical path is now correctly highlight within the Gantt Chart. No action required
    Project - Exporting Project does not export Duration correctly When exporting Projects using the "Export to Excel" icon, Tasks with a Duration unit of weeks or months are now retaining the same duration unit in the exported file. No action required
    Project - Kanban board does not sort Sprints by Start Date When grouping Tasks by Sprint on the Kanban board, Sprints now sort by Start Date. If Sprint does not have a Start Date, then it will sort by Backlog Order. If there is no Backlog order, it will sort by Created Date. No action required
    Project - Checklist Item Icon produces error when user has read-only access to Project Checklist Items now display correctly when viewed by a user who has read-only access to the Project. When the user opens the Project Task, user can now only view the Project Task but not edit. User also cannot edit or create new records in the Project Task Related Lists. No action required
    Project - Salesforce Task status reverting when % Complete is adjusted for Task with multiple assignments Salesforce Tasks marked as "Completed" now remain as is when the % Complete is adjusted for the related Project Task when there are multiple assignments. No action required
    Project - Custom look-up fields produce errors when filtered Project tasks are now correctly displaying when filtered by a custom look-up field. No action required
    Project - Save fails when Project has a custom picklist field with "Date" in the field name. Projects now save correctly even when it contains custom picklist fields with "Date" in the field name. No action required
    Project - Agile - Record Save should only apply to modified fields When saving Agile Projects, only fields that have been modified are saved. No action required
    Project - String length exceeds maximum: 6000000 Error String length exceeds maximum: 6000000 Error no longer displays for Projects with long task names. No action required
    Project - Project hangs when viewing the project schedule in Kanban (using the Kanban Icon) Project Tasks now correctly load when using the Kanban Icon to view Tasks in a Kanban view. No action required
    Resource Allocation - Hours not highlighting in Green when working hours per day contains a decimal value Allocated hours are now correctly highlighting in green when total allocated effort is equivalent to the resource's working hours per day even when the working hours per day contains a decimal value (i.e. 7.5 hours) No action required
    Resource Allocation - Booking tasks do not reference Salesforce Recordtype custom setting Creating booking tasks in the Resource Allocation page now references the Salesforce Recordtype custom setting. No action required
    Resource Attributes - Resource Table not displaying Account column properly The Account column in the Resources Tab within Resource Attributes is now displaying the label correctly. No action required
    Inspire Task Predecessor Component - Dependency column is showing "d days" Inspire Task Predecessor and Successor Component in Salesforce Task no longer displays "d days" in the dependency column. No action required
    Template Stitching - Logic adjustments The template stitching logic has been adjusted so that if a user does not have access to sysPhantomID, projects are still correctly being created and populated with templates. No action required
    Timeout Limit - Increased to 120 seconds We've increase the timeout limit for Tooling API from 10 seconds to 120 seconds to prevent timeout errors. No action required
    Beacon - sysAssignedToIDs not updating when Salesforce Task is deleted The sysAssignedToIDs for Project Tasks are now correctly updated when the related Salesforce Task is deleted or when the Project Task is re-assigned. This adjustment to the Inspire Planner Beacon will not adjust legacy data. You can use Salesforce data loader or to perform a mass update.



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