February '23 - Major Release

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's February 2023 Release.


    Released To:

    Sandboxes: February 6, 2023 at 10 PM EST
    Production: February 20, 2023 at 10 PM EST


    Available In:

    Sandboxes: February 7, 2023
    Production: February 21, 2023


    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed


    Portfolio - New Portfolio Lightning Web Component
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     This is a full upgrade of the existing Visualforce component to a Lightning Web Component to align with current Salesforce platform architecture and programming language. The upgraded user-interface will not only be more intuitive as it is aligned with the Lightning aesthetic that users are now accustomed to, but will also drive better performance and support scalability. Portfolio Lightning Web Component - Admin Guide
    Resources  - New Resources Lightning Web Component This is a full upgrade of the existing Visualforce component to a Lightning Web Component to align with current Salesforce platform architecture and programming language. The upgraded user-interface will not only be more intuitive as it is aligned with the Lightning aesthetic that users are now accustomed to, but will also drive better performance and support scalability.

    We've also renamed the "Resource Attributes" tab to "Resource Management" and added a tab within called "Utilization" (formerly Resource Allocation). This  will consolidate and include all components related to resource utilization (or allocation), resources and resource attributes, which will make it easier for users to navigate between these areas.

    The Resource Attributes Tab will now display as "Resource Management" and will include the Utilization, Resources, and Attribute tab.

    The "Resource Allocation" button in the Project Toolbar has also been updated so that when a user clicks on this icon, it now opens the new Utilization tab which contains the new Resources Lightning Web Component.

    The legacy Resources tab will continue to display. You can choose to remove the tab if preferred.

    No further action required.


    Project - Project Status Report
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     A button on the Project record will generate a single downloadable PDF Status report that includes out-of-the-box Inspire Planner Project fields.

    The template used to generate the PDF can be cloned and customized to accommodate custom fields but will require developer knowledge of Visualforce to do so.
     Project Status Report - Admin Guide
    Project - Custom Field Rollup Custom number and currency fields now roll up to Parent Tasks. The rollup calculation is handled by the interface. Therefore, users will need to open the project and save it, for the parent tasks to display the rollup value.
    Project - Support for Copying & Pasting Tasks between Projects 

    Simply use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy tasks from one Project Schedule to another (for Mac users, you can use Command+C and Command+V).

    Copied Tasks within the same project takes precedence over tasks copied from another project. This means if you are in a project and copied and pasted tasks in the project, if you copy tasks from another project, it still remembers the tasks copied from within the same project. You can clear the tasks copied within the same project by refreshing the page. This will then allow you to copy and paste tasks form a different project.


    When copying tasks from one project to another, both projects must be opened using the same browser.

     No action required
    Project - A "Refresh Data" Icon has been added to the Gantt Toolbar A new icon has been added to the Gantt Toolbar which when clicked, will refresh the Project and display the latest values. This is particularly useful when there are triggers/flows updating Project Task Data. No action required
    Translation - Support for Spanish Translations We've added support for Spanish translations when using Salesforce Translation workbench. No action required





    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - Added Start & Finish Dates to Task Dialogue The Predecessor Tab in the Task Dialogue now displays the Task Start and Finish Dates to make it easier for users to see when predecessor tasks start and finish. No action required
    Project - Last User Update now excludes Beacon Updates A new custom setting called "System Jobs User" has been added to "Inspire Planner Config". This custom setting is automatically populated with the name of the user who initiated/scheduled the Inspire Planner System Jobs. This custom setting will automatically populate when the Inspire Planner Beacon runs. 

    We've modified our out-of-the-box workflow called "Populate Last User Update" which populates the Last User Update field on the Project to exclude any updates made by the System Jobs User. This means that the Last User Update field on the Project will only contain updates made by a user who is not the System Jobs User.
     No action required
    External Project Portal - Custom Logo Support We've made improvements to the Inspire Planner External Project Portal to reference a custom logo defined in Custom Settings. This feature references the same Logo Custom Setting that is used for Print Headers. If you have already set the Logo custom setting, the External Project Portal will automatically reference this logo. If you have not yet set up the Logo custom setting, you can refer to this help article for instructions.
    Portfolio - Added logic to reference user's permissions We've added logic to Portfolios that will reference a user's permissions to the object when access is granted via permission sets or global sharing rules. No action required
    Batch Job  - Optimized to support customers with large data volumes We've made optimizations to our batch job to better support large data volumes of 50K+ per object. No action required
    Batch Job - Added Error Handling for "Attempt to de-reference a null object" We've added error handling for the error:

    "Developer script exception: inspire1.ProjectTasksTrigger : inspire1.ProjectTasksTrigger: execution of BeforeUpdate caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object (inspire1)".

    Instead of an Apex failure email, users will now see an error message on-screen.
     No action required

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - % Complete and Status not updated for Parent Tasks % Complete and Status for Parent Tasks now update even without a user opening the Project Schedule. No action required
    Project - Adding users as Collaborators should check if user is an Inspire Planner user When a user is added as a Collaborator to a Project, Inspire Planner now checks if the user is an Inspire Planner user. This prevents a non-Inspire Planner user from receiving collaborator email invitations. No action required
    Project Task - Ready to Start incorrectly being set to False  Ready to Start now correctly defaults to TRUE when Task has no predecessors. No action required
    Project Task - Updates made to Project Task Priority do not update related Salesforce Tasks When the Project Task priority is updated, the priority on the related Salesforce Tasks is now also being updated. No action required
    Salesforce Task  - Resource Name and Resource Type not dynamically updating Resource Name and Resource Type fields in Salesforce Tasks now correctly update when the Task is re-assigned. No action required
    Resources - Does not support planned effort entered in decimal values Resource allocation page now supports planned effort entered in decimal values to represent minutes (i.e. 0.25 h to represent 15 minutes). No action required
    Resource Attributes - Page becomes unresponsive when assigning attributes Resource attributes page now correctly loads and displays when assigning attributes to resources, even when there is a large number of attributes. No action required
    Project Import Wizard - Page does not automatically refresh after import to display results The Project Import Wizard page now automatically refreshes to display import results after data import is complete. No action required
    Flows - Define Tasks as Overdue Process Flow producing errors We've migrated our Process Flow called "Define Tasks as Overdue" to a trigger to prevent hitting Apex CPU Time Limit errors. You will need to deactivate the "Define Tasks as Overdue" Process Flow as it is no longer being used.

    Retired Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    Resources - Resources Tab Legacy Resources tab will be deprecated with the Inspire Planner June '23 Major Release. No action required



    Release Notes

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