Adding the Reconcile Rollup Data Button to Projects

    The "Reconcile Rollup Data" button on Projects allows you to perform a recalculation of all roll-up data for a specific Project.


    Please Note: Only System Administrators should be using this button as this requires access to all records.


    This help article will walk you through how to add the "Reconcile Rollup Data" button to the Project Page Layout.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Go to Object Manager.

    3. Enter "Project" in the Quick Find Box at the top right corner and go to Project.

    4. Go to Page Layouts. Click on the page layout you are using.

    5. Go to Mobile & Lightning Actions. Drag Reconcile Rollup Data to the section for Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions and then click on Save.

    6. Once finished, you will now see the Reconcile Rollup Data button on the Project Detail page.


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