Spring 22 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Spring 22 Release.


    Release Date:

    Sandboxes: April 27, 2022
    Production: May 11, 2022


    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    External Portal - Platform Upgrade We've upgraded our platform to improve the overall security and performance of the external portal. This upgrade will enable future feature enhancements. No action required
    Project - Support for multi-currency in Gantt (Rolling Release) The Inspire Planner Project Schedule now detects if multi-currency is enabled for the org. If multi-currency is enabled, then Currency Fields on the Project and related records (i.e. Project Team, Project Task, Salesforce Task, etc.) display the appropriate currency symbol based on the currency that is set for the Project. If multi-currency is not enabled, then Project Schedule will look at the org currency and will display currency fields using the appropriate currency symbol. No action required
    Project - Actual Finish Date added for Tasks
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     We have added a new field in the Project Task called "Actual Finish Date" which will automatically update with the date of when the Task was actually completed. This will then make it easier for Project Managers to see the actual completion date. This new field will be visible on the Project Schedule as a new column. If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the "Actual Finish Date" field in the Project Task object.
    Project Stitching - Added the ability to automate feature We've added a new custom setting called "Opportunity Auto Launch Project Stitching" in Inspire Planner Config where you can enter the API name of your custom checkbox field on the Opportunity Object. When custom checkbox is set to TRUE, it will invoke the Project Stitching automation. No action required
    Admin - Permission Set Inventory We have a new help article that outlines all the permissions that are part of the Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 Permission Set. Click to see help article. No action required





    Impact/Action Needed

    Resources - Add Custom Setting to define default Planned Effort We've added a new custom setting called "Default Planned Effort" to the Inspire Planner Config custom settings. This custom setting will allow Salesforce System Administrators to define what the default allocation should be if Planned Effort is NULL.  No action required
    Project Task - Added identifier for Booking Tasks Booking tasks were not differentiated from standard project tasks. This would result in issues when attempting to implement custom validation rules on the project task that should not include booking tasks. New identifier can be used to include or exclude booking tasks as needed. If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the "Booking Task" field in Project Task Object. You will also need to add it to your Project Task page layout.
    Project - Reconcile Data Button now considers alternate data access scenarios 

    Reconcile Data Button on Projects now considers alternate data access scenarios. When Time Entries are created, manual sharing records are also automatically created for the Project Owner which will give them access to all Time Entries related to the Project. 

    The Reconcile Rollup Data button on the Project should be run by either the Project Owner or the Salesforce Administrator which will then rollup Time Entries in real time. If a user who is not the Project Owner or Salesforce Administrator clicks on the button, an error message will display onscreen.

     Please go to the Inspire Planner Settings page and click on the Reconcile Data button for the setting called "Reconcile Collaborator and Roll-up Data". This will invoke a process that creates manual sharing records for existing Time Entries for Project Owners. 
    Project - Task Start/Finish Dates and Duration now default to a blank value when in Automatic Scheduling Mode When a Project is set to Automatic Scheduling Mode, the Task Start/Finish Dates and Duration now default to a blank value when new Tasks are created. Task Start/Finish Dates and Duration will calculate only when filled in and when Predecessors are defined. No action required
    Project - Project Team members automatically added as Project Collaborators When adding users as Project Team members, it now also automatically adds them as Project Collaborators with "Viewer" permissions. No action required
    Project - Added logic to auto save Project after sysRecalcStartDate executes We've added logic that will automatically save the Project after Project Task dates are re-calculated when sysRecalcStartDate setting on the Project is set to TRUE. No action required
    Project - Added the ability to exclude Baseline when using Save As (Clone) Feature We've added a new option when using Save As (Clone) Feature to allow users to exclude the Baselines. No action required
    Project  - Added a Flag to bypass roll-ups We've added a flag called "sysBypassBeaconRollup" on Projects to allow users to exclude the Project from our standard roll-ups. When this checkbox is set to TRUE, the Project is excluded from any Actual/Planned Effort roll-ups and Project Team roll-ups.  If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the "sysBypassBeaconRollup" field. You will also need to add it to your Project page layout.

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Batch Job - Apex Error 

    Users were incorrectly receiving an error email related to orphaned Time Entries (where the Project Task a Time Entry is related to, was deleted). 

    Error received was:

    Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: 0051U000000i0GW/00D1U000000DdGA. Failed to process batch for class 'inspire1.TeamEffortRollupBatch' for job id '7071U0000BvFx2o' caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

     No action required
    Batch Job - TeamEffortRollup - Too many query rows Resolved query limits with time entry roll-ups to project team records. No action required
    Time Tracker - Custom Fields not detecting required setting Resolved an issue where if a checkbox custom field was required and the default value was set to "TRUE", the Time Entry dialogue box would not display the default value. No action required
    Time Tracker - Custom picklist field reverts to default after save Resolved an issue where if there is a custom picklist field in the Time Entry field set and if the picklist had a default value, when user creates a new Time Entry and selects a value other than default, the system was saving the time entry record with the default value. No action required
    Time Tracker - Non-Project Tasks now displaying Resolved an issue where Non-Project Tasks were not displaying in the Time Tracker tab. No action required
    Experience Cloud (Communities) - Issue with some Pages failing to load Resolved an issue where some pages would fail to load in Communities due to a missing namespace prefix.  No action required
    Project - Task Subject incorrectly mapping to Project Task Name during auto-assignment using Project Teams and Roles Resolved an issue where when tasks are auto-assigned via Project Teams and Roles, the Task Subject was incorrectly mapping to the Project Task Name field instead of the Task Subject field in Salesforce Task. Hence, when the Task Subject is greater than 80 characters, the Salesforce Task Subject was getting truncated. No action required
    Project - Constraints being added to new tasks Resolved an issue where when a Project is in Automatic scheduling mode, new tasks added were defaulting to a Constraint Type of "Start no earlier than" if current date was greater than Task Start Date. All new tasks created should not have a Constraint assigned regardless of Start Date. No action required
    Project - Custom non-working days not considering Project Timezone Resolved an issue where the custom non-working days defined for a Project were not considering the Project Timezone. No action required
    Project - Ready to Start Issue with Batch Create Resolved an issue where Ready to Start indicator does not reflect correctly when a Project is created via the Batch process (created from a Template or using Save As).  No action required
    Project - Notes not mapping correctly when Task is manually assigned Resolved an issue where the formatting of the Project Task Notes are not copied over to the Salesforce Task comments when the task is manually assigned. No action required
    Project - sysRecalcStartDate checkbox not processing Predecessors Resolved an issue where when sysRecalcStartDate field on the Project is TRUE, upon opening of a Project, the UI does not process the predecessor relationships.  No action required
    Project - Auto-Calc predecessor adding a comma to four digit row numbers Resolved an issue where if new tasks are added to a Project via copy/paste or by applying a template, when Predecessors are auto-adjusted, tasks with a 4-digit (1000+) row number is adding a comma (1,200ES) when it shouldn't. No action required
    Project - Checklist Dialogue does not display Date/Time based on User's Locale Resolved an issue where the Completed Date/Time within the Checklist Dialogue window was not displaying according to user's local setting. No action required
    Project - Clone is including Actual Effort When using Save As/Clone feature, the new Project was erroneously including the Actual Effort for Project Tasks. Since Actual Effort is a roll-up of Time Entries, these values should not be copied over to the new Project. No action required
    Project - Constraint Date/Time not using Project Timezone Resolved an issue where Constraint Date/Time was not referencing the Project Timezone.  No action required
    Project - Column Filters not saving Resolved an issue where the column filters were not saving when the Project is saved. No action required
    Project - Saving produces 'Input too long [1,74] Error New save logic added to handle high volume Projects to address Salesforce limits. No action required
    Project - Project locks upon open instead of edit Resolved an issue where Projects were getting locked upon open. They now only lock when the Project is being edited. No action required
    Project - Page Load Failure Resolved an issue with loading Projects when custom labels/translations contained an apostrophe (') or quotes ("). No action required
    Portfolio - Homepage Lightning Component not saving Default Resolved an issue where the default Portfolio set by the user in the Portfolio Viewer Homepage Lightning Component was not saving the user's preference. No action required
    Inspire Planner Settings - Error when adding Tracked Objects to Time Tracker Resolved an error that would display in the Inspire Planner Settings page when adding Tracked Objects to Time Tracker. No action required
    Project Team - Auto Create Collaborator should not fire for Contacts Resolved an issue where when "Add as Collaborator" is set to TRUE when a Contact is added as Project Team member, it was creating a blank collaborator record for the Contact. Now, collaborator records are not created for Contacts even when "Add as Collaborator" is TRUE. Collaborator records are only created for Users. When adding Contacts as collaborators to a Project, it should be done via the "Add Project Collaborator" icon in the Project Toolbar. No action required
    Project Team - Project Team not assigning when Role is set for a Parent Task Resolved an issue where when users assign a Role to a Parent Project Task, the Team auto-assign functionality does not work. The app fails to auto assign the Task to the Team member for that row. No action required
    Project Team - Project Team intermittently not auto-assigning Resolved an issue where new assignments created by auto-assign logic based on Project Team and Roles were being deleted when user saves the Project before refreshing the page. No action required
    Resource Attributes - Page not displaying data after updating Working Hours or Hourly Rate Resolved an issue where data was not displaying on the page after updating the Hourly Rate or Working Hours per Day for a Resource. No action required

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