Admin Guide - Enable Inspire Planner External Project Portal

    Inspire Planner provides you with the ability to share projects with external contacts by adding them as a project collaborator. 


    When a project is shared with an external contact, the contact receives an email with a link that takes them to the Inspire Planner external project portal where they can see the project and update their assigned Salesforce tasks.


    This help article shows you how to enable the Inspire Planner external project portal for your Salesforce org.


    Please note the following:

    • You must be a Salesforce Administrator with an Inspire Planner License to be able to enable this feature. The Salesforce Administrator who enables the feature must retain the Inspire Planner License.
    • If the Salesforce Administrator who enabled the Inspire Planner external project portal leaves the organization or if you need to change the Salesforce Administrator, you must first disable the feature and have the new Salesforce Admin re-enable it. The new Salesforce Admin should have an Inspire Planner License.
    • Only waterfall Projects can be shared externally in the Inspire Planner External Portal. Agile and Task List Project types are not supported.


    To enable the Inspire Planner external project portal, go to the App Launcher and enter "Inspire Planner Settings" in the Quick Find box. Then click on Inspire Planner Settings.


    Look for the setting called "Enable sharing of projects to external contacts" and toggle to "Enabled".




    A dialogue window will display onscreen. Allow access by clicking on Allow.


    You will receive a confirmation message onscreen.





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