In-Line Editing within a Portfolio

    In-line editing allows you to update Project fields directly within the portfolio view. It offers a convenient and efficient way to manage and update project information.


    Please note the following:


    • In-line editing is only available in Portfolio LWC and is not available in legacy portfolios.
    • In-line editing is available in both static and dynamic portfolios.
    • Custom fields added to the "Portfolio - Custom Fields" field set are also available for in-line editing within the portfolio.
    • Only project details can be edited. Milestones cannot be edited from a Portfolio.


    Requirements for In-Line Editing

    In order for a user to be able to perform in-line edits within a Portfolio, the user must meet the following requirements:


    • The user must have editing permission to the Portfolio. Editing permission can be granted either by adjusting org-wide sharing settings, configuring sharing rules or by adding portfolio collaborators.
    • Aside from having editing permissions to the portfolio, the user must also have edit permissions to the projects to be able to perform an in-line edit to the project details. If there are projects included in the portfolio that the user does not have editing permissions to, the user can only edit the projects he/she has edit access to. You can quickly tell which projects cannot be edited because the "Edit Project" icon only appears beside the projects you have editing permissions to.


    How to Perform an In-Line Edit

    Once the above requirements are met, the user can edit the project details either by performing an in-line edit or by clicking on the Edit Icon to the left of the project.


    To perform an in-line edit, simply double-click on the field you would like to modify.


    Please Note:

    Your changes are saved as soon as you click outside the field.


    Another way to edit the project details is to click on the Edit Project Icon. The Edit Project Icon only displays beside Projects you have editing permissions to. In the example below, the user only has editing permissions to two (2) projects so he/she can only edit these.


    A dialogue window will open where you can edit project details. Click on Save at the bottom of the window to save your changes.






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