Applying a Template to an Existing Project

    There may be instances where you may want to apply a template to a Project after it has already been created. You can apply a template to blank Project (where the Project does not contain any tasks) or to a Project that already contains tasks.


    When a template is applied to an existing Project (where Project has already been created), the following are applied from the template to the Project:

    • Project Tasks and all related information are appended to the Project. This means that if the Project already contained tasks, then the tasks from the template are added to the Project and do not overwrite the existing Project Tasks.
    • Project Team Members. If the Template being applied contains project team members, these are copied over to the project it's applied to.


    However, Project Settings on the Template are not copied to the existing Project. This includes the options found in the Project Settings page (start/end of working day, timezone, weekends as working days, send task notification), Project View Settings (columns displayed, column order, column widths) and non-working days/weeks. For more information on what gets inherited from templates depending on when it is applied to the project, please see Project Templates - What Gets Inherited.


    Please Note: The behavior is different when a template is applied during Project creation. When you choose a template while creating a new Project, the Project Setting (except for Timezone) from the template are carried over to the new Project as well as the Project Status of the template.


    This help article provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply a template to an already existing Project.


    1. Navigate to the Project Detail. If you are on the Project Schedule, you can go to the Project Detail by clicking on the View Project Detail Icon in the Project Toolbar.

    2. On the Project Detail page, click on either the Edit button found at the top right corner of the page OR click on the Edit Icon beside Project Template.

    3. In the Project Template field, search for and select the Template you would like to apply. Then, click on Save.

    4. When you refresh your Project Schedule, you will now see that the template has been applied to your Project and the Project should now contain all the tasks from the template.

      If the Project already contained tasks prior to the template, then Inspire Planner will append the tasks from the template to the bottom of the Project.

      Each time you update the Project Template on the Project Detail, it appends the tasks in from the new template to the Project.


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