Spring 21 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Spring 21 Release.


    Release Date:

    Sandboxes: March 9th 2021
    Production: March 23rd 2021


    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    Time Tracker Weekly View - New Custom Setting to Disable Default Tasks
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     We added a new custom setting where you can choose not to display your assigned tasks by default in the Weekly View of Time Tracker. This means that when you go to the Time Tracker Tab, it will not load your assigned tasks on the page when in the Weekly view.  
    Project Portfolio Collaborators
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     You can now share your Portfolios by adding Portfolio Collaborators, similar to when you share Projects. When you add a collaborator to a Portfolio, it also automatically adds them as a collaborator with "Read Only" access to all Projects contained within your Portfolio.   
    New Critical Column and Field for Project Tasks
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     A new field called "Critical" has been added to Project Tasks and is displayed as a column in the Project Schedule. This is an automated field and is updated based on Critical Path. If you have custom permission sets, you need to grant access to the "Critical" field in the Project Task object. 
    Ability to Apply Template after Project Create
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     You can now apply a template to a Project after it has been created.  Previously, a template could only be assigned during the create of a new Project.  
    Global Default Project Settings
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     You can now define a Global Default Project Setting for all Projects. This includes the ability to define default Project View settings and non-working days/weeks.  
    Project Template Stitching for Opportunity Products 
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     This new feature allows you to combine several project templates related to Opportunity Products.  Requires configuration. Please see configuration article here.





    Impact/Action Needed

    Inspire Planner Beacon added to Nightly Processes The Inspire Planner Nightly Processes has been enhanced to include the following:
    • Runs the processes included in the Inspire Planner Beacon so that if the Beacon has failed to re-schedule itself, it will run as part of the Nightly Processes
    • Checks if the Inspire Planner Beacon is scheduled and if not, the Nightly Processes will attempt to re-schedule the Beacon
    New Sync Queue Object The former Sync Queue Object included a look-up to the Project Task object which meant that in order for the Sync Queue record to be created, the user needed to have read access to the Project. The Sync Queue is needed for synchronizing Salesforce Tasks and Project Tasks. 

    We've created a new Sync Queue Object (inspire1__Sync_Queue_2__c) that no longer contains a look-up to the Project Task. Instead, there is now a text field that captures the Project Task ID. This ensures that the Sync Queue records are still created even when the user does not have access to the Project. 
     If you have custom permission sets, you need to enable read and create access to this object and all related fields.
    Resource Allocation Page Refinements The following refinements were made to the Resource Allocation page: 
    • Added a filter criteria so that tasks that belong to Projects where the status is "Canceled" do not display on the page.
    • When editing Booking Tasks not related to a Project, you can now edit the Start & Finish Dates.
    Inspire Planner Settings - Reconcile Data Previously called "Sync Collaborator Sharing for Projects". We've renamed the setting to "Reconcile Collaborator and Roll-up Data". Executing this system job will now reconcile project sharing records with collaborators, and recalculate effort and cost data for all Projects.   
    Disabling Clickjack No Longer Required Previously, you needed  to disable Clickjack Protection to use Kanban view for Projects, View All Project Attachments, Project and Project Task Chatter and File Attachment Icon. With this adjustment, you no longer need to disable Clickjack protection in Salesforce to use these areas.   
    Project Team Auto-Assignment
     Optimized to handle large Salesforce Task data volumes. This enhancement will resolve the  200k query limit error some customers were experiencing. If you have custom permission sets, you need to enable edit access to field sysAssignedToIDs on the Project Task object.
    Project Template and Clone
     Optimizations made to better handle project creation using templates and cloning of projects with larger number of tasks (500+ tasks).  
    Custom Setting - Use Effort to Calculate Cost  The Custom Setting to "Use Effort to Calculate Cost" now auto-populates both Budgeted Cost and Actual Cost" If already enabled, please disable and re-enable the setting. You will need to make sure the Hourly Rate field is on your Salesforce Task Page Layout. Then, go to Inspire Planner Settings page and click on the button called "Reconcile Data".
    Report and Dashboard Enhancements Enhancements include:
    • The following new fields have been added:
      • In Project Task Object
        • Remaining Effort
      • In Project Object
        • Earned Effort
        • % Overdue
        • Days to Completion
    • The following legacy reports have been deprecated:
      • (DEP) Overall Task Status
      • (DEP) Overdue Task Summary
      • (DEP) Overdue Tasks by Resource
      • (DEP) Resource Allocation by Month
      • (DEP) Resource Allocation by Project
      • (DEP) Resource Allocation by Task Status
    • A new report type called "Project Tasks with/without Salesforce Tasks" has been added. This is a good report type to use when you are trying to create a report that contains both assigned and unassigned tasks.
    • The following new reports have been added:
      • Assigned Tasks by Resource and Status
      • Overdue Tasks by Resource
      • Overdue Tasks ordered by Days Overdue
      • Project Budget Summary
      • Project Effort Summary
      • Project Schedule Summary
      • Project Slippage Summary
      • Resource Allocation by Month
      • Resource Allocation by Project
      • Resource Allocation by Project Task
      • Time Tracking by Active Project
      • Time Tracking by Resource This QTR
      • Time Tracking by Resource This MONTH
      • Time Tracking by Resource This WEEK
      • Unassigned Projects Tasks by Project
    • The following new Dashboards are now available for you to install as a separate package:
      • Inspire Planner - Portfolio Manager Dashboard
      • Inspire Planner - Resource Manager Dashboard

    For a list of all Inspire Planner Reports and a brief description of each, please see Inspire Planner Reports.

    To install the Inspire Planner Dashboard Package, please see Inspire Planner Dashboards


    If you have custom permission sets, you need to enable access to the following fields:

    • In Project Task Object
      • Remaining Effort
    • In Project Object
      • Earned Effort
      • % Overdue
      • Days to Completion
    Project - Start Work Day Format Inspire Planner now supports Project Start Work Day Format as 9:00 AM or 09:00 AM  

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project Task - Actual Cost, Actual Effort, Total Planned Effort not rolling up Fixed an issue where the Actual Cost, Actual Effort and Total Planned Effort were not rolling up correctly on the Project Task.  
    Project Templates - Removed mapping to time zone Time Zone is no longer inherited when creating a new project from a template.  
    Changes Made to Project Task Subject does not update related Salesforce Task Fixed an issue where changes made to the Project Task Subject was not updating the related Salesforce Tasks.  
    Kanban View Fails when there are more than 20 statuses Fixed an issue where the Kanban View fails when there are more than 20 Status values.  
    Time Tracker Error with Cases Fixed an issue where an error would display when selecting Cases in the Time Tracker tab.  
    Open Project Task Icon not working in Console Fixed the issue where the Open Project Task icon was not working when used in Console.  
    Assigned Resources getting unchecked when viewing the resources dropdown Fixed an issue where sometimes the selected Resources in the Assigned To drop down gets unchecked when user views the assignments.  
    Sync Queue Failing to Update Project Task Status to "In Progress" Resolved an issue where the sync queue was failing to update the Project Task Status to "In Progress" when there are multiple related Salesforce Tasks.  
    Portfolio Heap Size Error Optimized portfolios to resolve the heap size error some customers were experiencing.  
    Tasks with 0 Day Duration (Milestones) plot as Infinity in Resource Allocation page Tasks with 0 Day Duration (Milestones) now plot as 1 day in Resource Allocation page.  



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