Project Template Stitching Feature

    The Project Template Stitching feature allows you create a new Project from an Opportunity by "stitching" (combining) different templates associated with Opportunity Products.


    Please note: To use this feature, please make sure you've completed the necessary configurations. See help article on "How to Enable the Project Template Stitching Feature".


    Create Project Templates

    Since the Project Template Stitching feature allows you to create a single Project by combining different templates related to Opportunity Products, the first step would be to create your templates.


    If you are not familiar with how to create Templates in Inspire Planner, please refer to this help article: Project Templates.

    Map Templates to Opportunity Products

    After you've created your templates, you will now need to map them to Opportunity Products. What you're doing is essentially defining a template to be used for each Opportunity Product.


    1. Go to the App Launcher and enter "Project Template". Then click on Project Template Mappings.

    2. Click on New.

    3. Search for the Template and then the Product that it needs to be mapped to. Then click on Save.

      For more information on Products and Price Books in Salesforce, please click here.

      Repeat steps 1-3 above until you've mapped a template to each of your Products.


    Create a Multi-Template Project

    Now that you've specified which templates are to be used for each of your Products, you can now create new Projects from Opportunities by "stitching" (combining) templates that related to the Products for your Opportunity.

    Please make sure that you've already added the Products to your Opportunity.


    1. On the Opportunity, click on New Multi-Template Project.

    2. The Project Template Stitching Interface will display onscreen.

      If you've defined a header template in Custom Settings, you will see it in the Project Stitching Interface along with the template associated with each Product tied to your Opportunity.

      The checkboxes to the right allow you to deselect a template if you do not want to include in the resulting Project.

      The templates are stitched according to the order you see onscreen. If you would like to change the order, simply drag the template to your desired position.

      Once you're finished specifying the template order and are ready to create the Project, click on Create.

    3. Depending on the size and number of templates you are stitching, the process could take up to 5 minutes to complete. Click on Link to new project to go to the new Project that was created.


    Review New Project and Make Necessary Adjustments

    It is always best practice to then review the new Project that was created. A few things you should consider reviewing and adjusting:


    • Task Hierarchy - you will need to manually indent/outdent tasks depending on where the tasks fall within your Task Hierarchy.
    • Predecessors - the Project Template Stitching Feature simply adds the tasks in each template. You still need to make sure they are linked together via Predecessors.
    • Non-Working Days/Weeks - always good to review and adjust any non-working days/weeks for your project. 
    • Project Settings - also good to review your Project Settings and make sure they still apply to the new Project.



    Project Plan

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