Inspire Planner Dashboards

    There are two (2) standard dashboards available with Inspire Planner - Inspire Planner - Resource Manager Dashboard and Inspire Planner - Portfolio Manager Dashboard. These dashboards are dynamic dashboards which you will need to install separately in your org. This help article will walk you through how to install them.


    Before you install...

    Please perform the following before you install.


    1. There is a limit to the number of dynamic dashboards you can have in Salesforce depending on your Salesforce Edition. You will need to ensure that you have 2 dynamic dashboards available in the org you're installing into.
      • If you are unsure as to how many dynamic dashboards you currently have, please visit this article:
      • If you don't have any available dynamic dashboards, you can modify your existing dashboards. You will need to edit them and adjust the running user to someone other than the installing user. 
    2. Go into Dashboards then All Folders and then go into Inspire Planner Dashboards. Delete the following if they exist in your org:
      • Inspire Planner Dashboard (Classic)
      • Inspire Planner - Resource Manager Dashboard - if there is more than 1 version, delete all of them
      • Inspire Planner - Portfolio Manager Dashboard - if there is more than 1 version, delete all of them


    Install the Inspire Planner Dashboard Package

    Once you've complete the steps above, you can now install the Inspire Planner Dashboard Package.


    1. Login to the org you would like to install the Inspire Planner Dashboards in.
    2. Go to this link:
    3. Follow the instructions to install. Please keep in mind that access to the Dashboard is managed by the permissions on the folder they reside in. If you would like to be able to manage who has access to the Inspire Planner Dashboards folder, then select to Install for Admins Only. If you would like to grant access to all Inspire Planner Users, then select Install for All Users.
    4. Once the Inspire Planner Dashboard Package has been installed, you can then edit the dashboard viewing settings according to your preference.


    Potential Issues

    If after you've installed the Inspire Planner Dashboard Package you are having trouble seeing the Project Portfolio Pipeline in the Inspire Planner - Portfolio Manager Dashboard, please do the following:


    1. Click on View Report.

    2. It will take you the source report. Next, click on Edit to edit the report.

    3. Where it says "Group Rows", ensure that Project Status is the first grouping in the report - this is what drives the funnel chart to display properly in the dashboard component. Click on Save when finished.

    4. You may need to refresh the dashboard to see the updates. You should now see the Funnel for Project Portfolio Pipeline.



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