Assigning User Permission Set

    Assign Permission Set to a bulk set of users:

    1. On the right pane, under the Quick Find box, type 'Permission Sets'.
      permission set - lightning - quick find
    2. Click Permission Sets and then select Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 Permissions under Permission Sets.
      permission set - lighting - assign

    1. On the next page, click the Manage Assignments button.
      permission set - lighting - Manage

    1. Click either of the Add Assignments buttons.

    1. Select the users who need access to Inspire Planner via the checkboxes, then click Assign button.


    Assign Permission Set to single user:

    1. Navigate to the desired user record
    2. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments related list and click Edit Assignments

    3. Select Inspire Planner User - v1.12 Permissions and then Add arrow

    4. Click Save



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