Task Notifications and Reminders

    Task Notifications (Users)

    When a new task is assigned to a user (via Assigned To column), by default the user will receive an email notification informing them of the new task.  This is the standard email related to Salesforce tasks.

    Standard Salesforce notifications work in such a way:

    1. A project task is assigned to a user (Assigned To column)
    2. Salesforce task is created
    3. Email notification is sent to the user

    Note 1: Emails are not sent when you assign Project Tasks to yourself.

    Task Notifications and Reminders


    If you would like to disable the new task notifications to users, complete the following steps.  This is setting is defined on a per project basis:

    1. Click Settings icon (gear in top right above Gantt)


    1. Update “Send task notification” to false


    Task Notifications (Contacts)


    By default, external Contacts will not receive an email notification when a Project Task has been assigned (via the Assigned To column).  To enable this feature, an administrator must enable it via the Inspire Planner Settings page.  Follow the steps below to enable:

    1. Navigate to All Tabs
    2. Click on Inspire Planner Settings
    3. Set Enable Contact task assignment notification to Enabled

    Task Reminders


    By default, users will be reminded of tasks based on the Start Date of the Project Task.  Users will receive the standard Salesforce task reminder prompt.

    Note: Once you dismiss the Task reminder, it will not prompt again unless the Finish Date of the Project Task has been updated.


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