Using Task Duration

    This article will help you understand how best to use Duration, Start Date and Finish Date columns.  Start with the video below:


    To define the Start Date, start by using the Date Selector by double-clicking on the StartDate column, and clicking on the Calendar icon. Repeat this process in the Finish Date column. The Duration auto-updates accordingly.

    Alternatively, you can enter a StartDate.  Instead of entering a Finish Date, enter the number of days or hours in task Duration. The Finish Date willauto-update accordingly.

    When working with parent and child tasks, the Duration, Start Date, Finish Date of parent tasks will be auto-calculated as the summary of all child tasks.  Since these values are calculated form child tasks, they are not editable.

    Duration units supported are:

    • hours (h)
    • days (d) - default
    • weeks (w)
    • months (m)

    To define the Duration unit, simply use the letter that represents your desired duration.  For example '1w' to represent 1 week or '2h' to represent 2 hours.  Not including a unit will default to days.


    Note: Duration in hours is calculated according to the working hours set in the Define Start and End Time of Workday.  This can be defined under Project Settings by click on the gear icon.


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