Chatter Collaboration

    Chatter is a great way to share comments, ideas, files, and other information. Inspire Planner has incorporated the Chatterfeed within the project plan, enabling you to easily communicate with other project participants, who can “follow” both people and documents to collaborate on projects and tasks. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Chatter allows users to manage their feeds and control how notifications are received.

    Chatter Indicator

    The chatter icon you see beside each project task is the Chatter Indicator. When grayed out, this means that there is nothing in the Chatter feed for the task. When a comment is posted on the Chatter feed for the project task, the chatter icon appears highlighted.


    If the Chatter feed for a task contains a post you have not yet read or opened, the Chatter icon will display a notification in red. The number you see is the number of unread posts. 

    Adding a Chatter Post to a Task

    To add a Chatter post to a task, click on the chatter icon beside it.

    This opens the Chatter window for the particular task as shown below. Click the +Follow option to get updates on the task in your Chatter feed.


    Click Post to add a new Chatter post. Compose your post and click on Share.

    Click File to attach a file either from Salesforce or from your computer. File uploads via Chatter with related comments activates the Chatter Feed indicator.

    You can also attach files to a project task by clicking on the paperclip icon beside the task. For more information, see help article on File Attachments.


    If you would like to share a website or webpage, click on Link. You can then enter the URL of the page you wish to share and add a brief description.

    Chatter also allows you to create a poll. Perhaps you are looking for input on a project task and would like other project team members to vote. Click on Poll to create a poll.



    Chatter Email Notifications

    Chatter can email you when someone follows you, posts to your profile or groups, and more.  You can also receive daily or weekly digests with posts and comments from your personal feed and groups. This can be an extremely valuable feature when you are collaborating on a project task and want to be kept abreast of any chatter updates.


    To set your email notification preferences, follow these steps.


    In Salesforce Lightning

    1. Click on your Profile at the top right corner and click on Settings.

    2. Enter 'Chatter' in the Quick Find box on the top left. Next, click on Email Notifications under Chatter.

    3. You can then specify you email notification preferences on the page. Click on Save when you are finished.


    In Salesforce Classic

    1. Click on the dropdown arrow beside your user name at the top right corner and click on Setup.

    2. Enter 'Chatter' in the Quick Find box on the top left. Next, click on Chatter Email Settings under Personal Setup.

    3. Specify your email notification preferences and click on Save when you are finished.








    Chatter & File Attachment

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