File Attachments

    Attaching a Document to a Task

    1. To attach a document to a particular task, select the paperclip icon beside the Task Number. A grayed out icon indicates there are no files uploaded.

    A pop-up window appears.

    2. Select a file from within Salesforce or upload a file from your computer. You are also given the option to add a description of the attached file.

    3. Clicking the Select a file from Salesforce option opens the Select a File to Attach window on the default Recent option.

    Clicking the All Files option on the left shows all files you have access to.

    Clicking the My Files option shows all files you own, files that are shared with you, and files you follow.

    Clicking the Files in My Libraries option shows all files published to libraries you are a member of.

    4. Clicking the other option, Upload a file from your computer, opens a window such as the image below.

    5. Clicking the Choose File button opens the Windows Explorer to browse through the files on your computer, network locations, and connected devices.

    Select a file and click the Open button. Once a file has been attached, the Share button is enabled for selection.

    Click the Share button to post the attached file.

    Once the file is attached, the paperclip is highlighted, indicating that documents are present.

    A new file indicator represented by a red circle with numbers notifies you how many new posts have been posted since the last time you viewed the project.

    To view all project attachment files that are owned by you, shared with you, followed by you, and published in libraries you are a member of, click on the Files tab on the Tab Bar.

    Clicking a particular file name on the list opens a preview of the file.

    Notice that there are seven icons on the upper right corner of the Preview page.

    Public Link
    View File Details
    Upload New Version
    Edit File Details


    The options above are also found in the dropdown menu beside the File Name in the Files tab on the Tab Bar.


    This option directly downloads the corresponding attached file entry. When the file has completed downloading, it is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


    This option allows the user to share the file attachment with other Salesforce or Inspire Planner people or groups. You have the option to make them viewers or collaborators. Expand the Who Can Access section to view a list of people and groups whom you shared your file attachment with.

    After adding a user or group in the Share With field, the Add a Message text box and the Share button appear. You can opt to inform or update whomever you want to share the file with. Then click the button.

    Who Can Access - You can opt to modify their role as a Viewer, as a Collaborator or Set the Record by simply selecting them from the dropdown list. You can also opt to un-share the file with them by clicking the X icon.

    Public Link Sharing - Clicking the Create Link button generates a URL to the file attachment that you can copy and share. Anyone with the link can view and download the file, unless the Owner Setting is enabled.

    Click the Copy Link button, and a Link copied prompt appears. Open a browser, right-click on it, and select Paste to preview and download the file. Deleting the public link means no one can access the file with that URL. If you create a new one, it will be a different URL.

    Owner Settings - If the file has a public link, those with access to the file can still view and share the link when this setting is enabled.

    Public Link

    Clicking this option opens the Public Link Sharing dialog box, shown in the image above.

    View File Details

    Clicking the View File Details option opens the File Details page where all information about the file, including a file preview, file size, when the file was modified, who you are sharing files with, history of the versions uploaded, and the followers of this file, are detailed. There are two sub-tabs on the File Details page: the Preview tab and the Details tab.

    The three detail boxes found on the right-hand side of the Preview tab are described below.

    Shared With Box - To view a detailed list of Salesforce and Inspire Planner users who are following the file attachment, click View All. Alternatively, you can click the Shared with header. Clicking both directs you to the Shared With page. Clicking the Shared With Names direct you to their respective pages. For instance, clicking Tara Martin directs you to the user's profile, while clicking Requirements Gathering directs you to the Project Task page.

    In the Shared With page, information include the Share Type and Visibility of the owner and viewer.

    Versions Detail Box - To view the all versions of the particular file uploaded, click View All. Alternatively, you can click the Versions header. Clicking both directs you to the Versions page. Clicking the version files uploaded (see encircled on image), however, downloads the file.

    In the Versions page, information include the version number, who modified the content and when, and the reason for the change.

    Followers Detail Box - To view a detailed list on other Salesforce and Inspire Planner users who are following the file attachment, click View All. Alternatively, you can click the Followers header. Clicking both directs you to the Followers page. Clicking the follower's name directs you to his or her profile.

    The Followers page also shows a clickable Name, which opens to the follower’s profile page.

    The image below shows the options found on the upper right-hand corner of the Preview tab.

    Clicking the + Follow button changes to the

    button, which indicates that you are following the particular file, and you get updates in your Chatter feed. You can opt to unfollow the file by hovering over the button, and by clicking the 



    Upload New Version

    This option allows the user to upload updated versions of the same file, and to view all versions uploaded. The user can opt to describe the changes in the new version for reference.

    The Versions Detail Box found in the Preview tab of the File Details page updates to show the new version of the uploaded file.

    Edit File Details

    This option opens the dialog box below. You can modify the title of your file and its description if it has one. Remember to save your changes.

    If you click Delete, a pop-up confirms you of your action.

    To view all attachments per project, click the Folder icon on the Toolbar on the corresponding project.

    This opens a window with a file list, such as below. Clicking the File Name downloads the file.








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