Task Highlighting and Indicators

    Modifying Task Row Color

    If a task runs past its set Finish date, the corresponding task row automatically highlights in red. In the Gantt chart, the incomplete portion of the bar turns red (from grey).

    In an ideal project planning “world”, tasks should not overrun. However, should the need arise; you can extend the task deadline by amending the Finish date or the Duration days.

    Alternatively, you can double-click on the corresponding bar in the Gantt chart.

    This brings up the Task Information dialog box.

    Update the Finish or the Duration fields. Once done, the previously overdue task row returns to black from red. Notice the red indicator marks for unsaved changes; click the Save Project Plan () icon on the Toolbar.

    In the Gantt chart, the red bar turns back to grey.

    Overdue tasks automatically return to black once the task Status has been set to Completed.


    Modifying Task Row Color

    Users can now change row color of task to highlight or for grouping.  Color can be modified by right-clicking on the particular row, which displays the context menu, where you select the desired color.



    Project Task List

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