Gantt Lightning Web Component (LWC) - New Features & Enhancements

    The upgrade to the new Gantt Lightning Web Component (LWC) also introduces some new features and enhancements. 


    Please see below for the new features and enhancements that are available with the new Gantt LWC. 


    Please Note:
    These new features and enhancements are only available with the Gantt LWC and will not be available in the legacy Gantt Visualforce component.


    Updated Project & Project Task Chatter Dialogues

    The Project and Project Task Chatter components have been upgraded to dialogue windows to align with the new Gantt LWC.




    Add Project Collaborator Function

    We've made improvements to the Add Collaborator Dialogue to make settings and options more readable and intuitive for users. You can also now add multiple collaborators at the same time.




    New Method for Defining Task Dependencies (Predecessors)

    Gantt LWC includes a new way of defining task dependencies (predecessors). There is also validation in place that prevents you from creating invalid dependencies.



    Gantt LWC BETA

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