How to Set a Time Entry Email Reminder

    You can set up a weekly time entry email reminder in Inspire Planner that will automatically send an email to users if they have not logged any time entries within the last 7 days.


    This help article will walk you through how to set up weekly time entry email reminders.


    Please Note:

    You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to complete the steps outlined below.


    Enable Email Reminder in Time Tracker Settings

    The first step is to enable Email Reminder for Time Entries in Custom Settings.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Enter "Custom Settings" in the Quick Find box and click on Custom Settings.

    3. Click on Manage beside Time Tracker Settings.

    4. Click on Edit.

      If you do not see any settings on the page, then click on New instead.

    5. Set Enable Email Reminder for Time Entries to TRUE. Then, click on Save.


    Grant Access to Resource Profile Object, fields, and Apex Classes

    If you have custom permission sets, you will need to adjust them to grant access to new objects, fields and Apex Classes that support this feature.


    Please note the following:

    • The following Inspire Planner Permission Sets already include access to the necessary objects, fields and apex classes:
      • Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 Permission Set
      • Inspire Planner - Agile Project Management
    • If you are using the above Inspire Planner Permission sets, you can skip this section. Click here to jump to the next section.


    1. In Setup, enter "Permission Sets" in the Quick Find box and click on Permission Sets.

    2. Click on your custom permission set. The image below is just an example.

    3. Click on Object Settings.

    4. Look for "Resource Profile" and click on it.

    5. Click on Edit.

    6. Follow the same permissions in the image below and click on Save.

    7. Next, click on Apex Class Access.

    8. Click on Edit.

    9. Add the following Apex Classes and click on Save.


    10. Repeat the steps above for all your custom permission sets. The custom permission set assigned to the Salesforce Administrator must also have access to the object, fields, and apex classes above.


    Create a New Tab for Resource Profile Object

    This section will show you how to create a new tab for the Resource Profile object. The Time Entry Email Reminder references resource profile records to determine which users should receive a time entry email reminder.


    1. In Setup, enter "Tabs" in the Quick Find box and click on Tabs.

    2. In the section for "Custom Object Tabs", click on New.

    3. Set Object to "Resource Profile" and choose a Tab Style. Then click on Next.

    4. Select which Salesforce Profiles should have visibility to the Resource Profile Tab. You may choose to "Apply one tab visibility to all profiles" if preferred. Click on Next.

    5.  Select which custom apps for which the Resource Profile tab will be available. Click on Save when finished.


    Create Resource Profile Records

    After the tab has been created, you will now need to create a resource profile record for each user who should receive the time entry email reminder. The job that sends out the email reminder then references the resource profile records to determine who emails should be sent to.


    1. Click on the App Launcher, enter "Resource" in the Quick Find box and click on Resource Profile.

    2. Click on New.

    3. Search for the user who should receive time entry email reminders. Set Email Reminder for Time Entries to TRUE. Then, click on Save.

      Please Note:
      When searching for users, it will only return Salesforce users where "Inspire Planner User" field on the user record is set to TRUE.

    4. Repeat the steps above for each user who should receive time entry email reminders. 

      Please Note:
      There should only be one Resource Profile record for each user. If you are not sure if a resource profile record already exists for the same user, it is best to check first before creating a new record.


    Schedule Apex Job

    The next step in the process is to schedule the Apex job that sends the time entry email reminder to run once a week. This section will show you how.


    1. In Setup, enter "Apex Classes" in the Quick Fin box and click on Apex Classes.

    2. Click on Schedule Apex.

    3. Populate the details of the schedule.

      Job Name - Enter a name for the Apex Job.
      Apex Class - Search for "SendEmailRemindersForTimeEntriesBatch" and select it.
      Frequency - Select "Weekly" and choose your preferred day of the week.
      Start - Select a start date for the Apex Job.
      End - Select an end date for the Apex Job.
      Preferred Start Time - Select the time when the Apex Job will execute.

      In the example below, the Apex Job will run every Friday at 10:00 AM from Nov 29, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024. You can set your own preferred schedule. 

      Click on Save when finished.

    4. To check that you've successfully scheduled the Apex Job, enter "Scheduled Jobs" in the Quick Find box and click on Scheduled Jobs.

    5. In the list of scheduled jobs, you should see the name of the Apex job you had scheduled. Recall that, for our example above, we named the Apex job "Time Entry Reminder" and that is what we see listed in the scheduled jobs. 


    Stop Time Entry Email Reminder for a User

    You can choose to remove a user from receiving the time entry email reminders. This section will show you how.


    1. Click on the App Launcher, enter "Resource" in the Quick Find box and click on Resource Profile.

    2. Look for the Resource Profile record for the user that you would like to stop sending time entry email reminders to and open the record. Set "Enable Email Reminder for Time Entries" to FALSE. Click on Save when finished. The user will no longer receive time entry email reminders.



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