Understanding the Need for an Inspire Planner License in Salesforce


    To fully leverage the features and functionalities that Inspire Planner offers, users must be equipped with an Inspire Planner license. In this article, we'll delve into the scenarios where having an Inspire Planner license becomes imperative, clarifying the distinctions between a Salesforce license and an Inspire Planner license.


    Salesforce License vs. Inspire Planner License

    Before exploring when an Inspire Planner license is necessary, it's crucial to differentiate between a Salesforce license and an Inspire Planner license. A Salesforce license provides access to the broader suite of Salesforce products and features. This foundational access is then fine-tuned using profiles, permission sets, role hierarchies, and other Salesforce-specific configurations. On the other hand, an Inspire Planner license specifically grants access to the unique features and functions within Inspire Planner. Importantly, a user must possess a Salesforce license before being eligible for an Inspire Planner license.


    Instances Requiring an Inspire Planner License

    An Inspire Planner License becomes essential when a Salesforce user needs to create or view any of the following:


    1. Projects

      Access to project Gantt or Kanban charts when integrated into a Lightning record page of a standard or custom Salesforce object.
    2. Time Entries

      Logging time against assigned Salesforce Tasks, even if th user does not require visibility into the entire project. 
    3. Portfolios

      Viewing and managing Portfolios.
    4. Resource Management

      Utilization tracking and management of resource attributes.
    5. Inspire Planner Lightning Components

      Utilizing various components within Salesforce Tasks, such as Task Predecessor & Successor, Project Task Chatter, Stopwatch, Time Tracker, and Checklist Items
    6. Fields on Native Salesforce Task Records

      Accessing and updating specific fields related to Inspire Planner on native Salesforce Task records, including but not limited to:
      • Parent Task
      • Inspire Task
      • % Complete
      • Resource Name & Resource Type
      • Ready to Start
      • Start Date
      • Schedule As
      • Planned and Actual Effort
      • % Allocation
      • Budgeted and Actual Cost
      • Hourly Rate
      • Task Effort
    7. Inspire Planner Reports and Dashboards

      Generating and interacting with Inspire Planner Reports and Dashboards, including any custom reports or dashboards containing Inspire Planner records.
    8. Scheduling Inspire Planner System Jobs 

      Managing tasks such as Beacon, Nightly Processes, and Apex Jobs for scheduling of Inspire Planner operations.


    Tasks Assigned to Users without an Inspire Planner License

    While Salesforce users without an Inspire Planner license can still receive and update their assigned tasks through Salesforce Tasks, they will be unable to utilize the extensive features provided by Inspire Planner. This limitation includes adjusting % Complete, logging time, viewing or completing checklist items, and participating in the project task chatter feed.


    In summary, obtaining and assigning an Inspire Planner license is essential to fully unleash the capabilities of Inspire Planner within the Salesforce environment. This guarantees effortless access to advanced project management features, empowering users to effectively plan, execute, and monitor their projects.


    For a more detailed discussion about your licensing needs and to receive a personalized quote, please reach out to customer.success@inspireplanner.com


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