How to Update Templates by Applying Settings from Global Default Project Settings

    The Global Default Project Setting in the Inspire Planner Settings page allows you to define the settings applied to new Projects created where the Project is not inheriting from a template. For more information, please see Set Global Default Project Settings.


    You may also choose to apply the settings from the Global Default Project Settings to all existing Project Templates. When you do so, the following settings are applied to all existing Project Templates:


    • Project Settings
      • All Project Settings are inherited except for Time Zone. Time Zone always defaults to the user's time zone and is populated at Project/Template creation.

    • Project Schedule Layout
      • This refers to the columns displayed/hidden, the column order and the column widths. Please note that if you have previously adjusted the columns for a template, Inspire Planner would have created a User Project Settings record for you for the template. This means that even though you have applied the Project Schedule Layout from the Global Default Project Settings, when you go to the template, you will continue to see the columns as per your User Project Settings. To see the settings applied from the Global Default Project Setting, you will need to click on the Reset View icon.

    • Non-working Days/Weeks
      • Any non-working Days/Weeks defined in the Global Project Setting template are then applied to all existing Project Templates.


    To apply the Global Default Project Setting to all existing Project Templates, follow these steps:


    1. Go to the App Launcher and enter "Inspire Planner Settings" in the Search Box.

    2. Click on Inspire Planner Settings.

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Apply Global Default


    Please Note: If you make subsequent updates to your Global Default Project Settings and would like to apply them to your Project Templates, you will need to click on Apply Global Default again since the settings are only applied to the templates when you click the button.


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