Summer 21 - Release Notes (DRAFT)

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Summer 21 Release.


    Release Date:

    Sandboxes: August 3rd 2021
    Production: August 17th 2021


    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    New Column called "Days Left" in Project Schedule

     A new column called "Days Left" is now available in the Project schedule. This is an automated field that will display the number of days left until the Task Finish Date. If you have Custom Permission sets, you will need to ensure that the "Days Left" field is set to visible.
    Time Tracker New Features 

    The following features are now available in Time Tracker:

    • Time Tracker Interface now displays validation errors. 
    • Added a new dialogue box to allow users to edit values for time entries when in Weekly View.
    • New "Open Time Entry" icon in Daily View. The icon takes you to the time entry record in a new window.
    Stopwatch Enabled for Other Objects You can now add the stopwatch component to other Salesforce Objects.  
    New Button to Apply Settings to all Templates There is now a button in the Inspire Planner Settings page that will allow you to apply settings to all Templates.   





    Impact/Action Needed

    Portfolio - Added new LED indicators for Project KPIs Added the following LED indicators for Project KPIs:
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Gray

    See Add New Values to Project KPIs

    % Complete now supports Projects with Hours only Made adjustments to % Complete calculation so that it now supports Projects with Duration in Hours only.  
    Added new error handling 

    Added new error handling to

    • Prevent errors for users when the trial version of Inspire Planner expires.
    • Prevent batch create process from failing when single email is not enabled for the organization.
    • Prevent users from receiving inspire1.ProjectAfter - Attempt to de-reference a null object error
    Time Tracker Enhancements 

    The following adjustments have been made to Time Tracker:

    • The records list displayed on the left will now display recently viewed records first then followed by all records in alphabetical order. Also added pagination.
    • The records list is now collapsible.
    • "Select Records" and "Save" button now appear on top of the page as well as the bottom.
    • Save button now displays in Green.
    • Text indicator appears to notify user when there are unsaved changes on the page.
    • Search box now displays guided text "Type to search..."
    • Increased character display for tasks when in Daily View.
    • Added a Delete Prompt when deleting time entries in Time Tracker.
    • Help Text icons now display in Time Entry interfaces when there is help text for a field.
    Save Logic Optimizations Optimized save logic for Projects.  
    Triggers & Rollups now apply to Booking Tasks Triggers and Rollups now apply to Booking Tasks. This includes the population of Hourly Rate, Actual Effort and Actual Cost fields on the Salesforce Task.  
    Actual Effort now rolls up to Parent Tasks Actual Effort now rolls up to Parent Tasks.  
    Ability to Filter Custom Checkbox Columns You can now filter Custom Checkbox Columns.  
    Optimized Baseline Logic Optimized Baseline Logic to improve performance on larger scale projects.  
    Export to Excel now includes Custom Fields Export to Excel now exports custom fields as well.  

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Error when removing a project collaborator who is the owner of the project chatter group 

    Fixed the error when removing a project collaborator who is the owner of the project chatter group.

    Time Tracker Error when logging time against Cases Fixed an issue where the Time Tracker page displays an error when logging time against Cases where list of Cases includes records with a blank subject.  
    Project Cloning does not copy correct Start/Finish Time for Tasks Resolved an issue where the Start and Finish Times for Tasks were not being copied correctly when cloning a Project.  
    Search box in Portfolios now returns both Projects and Milestones Search box in Portfolios now returns both Projects and Milestones   
    Time Tracker - Tracked Object no longer requires Delete access Resolved an issue where users could not see tracked objects in Time Tracker unless they had delete access to the object.  
    Resource Allocation page returns resources with the same name even though they don't have the attribute Fixed an issue where searching by attributes in Resource Allocation page returns Resources with the same name even though they were not assigned the attribute searched for.  
    Template was being applied twice when applying a template to an existing Project Resolved an issue where the template was being applied twice when applying a template to an existing Project.  
    Booking Tasks don't display for Contacts with the same name as a User Resolved an issue where booking tasks created for a Contact do not display in the Resource Allocation page if the Contact has the same name as a User.  
    Project Export fails when Project Name contains special characters Resolved an issue where Project export fails when the Project Name contains special characters.  
    Portfolio Dashboard - Unable to access custom settings Resolved an issue where some users did not have access to custom settings in order to set their default portfolio in the Portfolio Viewer component.  
    % Complete not updating when status is changed back to Not Started in Kanban view Resolved an issue where % Complete was not adjusting back to 0% when the task status is updated to Not Started in Kanban view.  
    Regex too complicated error Resolved regex too complicated error that some users were getting.   
    Undo Delete does not recover child tasks Resolved an issue where child tasks were not being recovered when undoing a delete on parent and child tasks.  
    Stop Watch - Time Entry not loggin correctly Resolved an issue where if the stop watch is running and user navigates away from the task page for a long period of time, the time logged is incorrect.  
    Project Team Auto Assign Trigger does not reference recordtype custom setting Resolved an issue where the Project Team Auto Assign Trigger was not referencing the custom setting for Salesforce Task Record Type.  
    ReconcileOverdue Job Apex Error Additional Error handling for system job: Reconcile Overdue Job.  
    FillSysAssignedToIDsJob Error Additional error handling for system job: FillSysAssignedToIDsJob  
    Finish Date setting to day prior when initially blank Resolved the issue where the Finish Date was being set to the day prior if it was initially blank.  
    Auto Assign Trigger firing multiple times Resolved the issue where the Auto Assign trigger was firing multiple times resulting in duplicate assignments.  

    inspire1.TaskActualEffortRollupBatch - Too many query rows: 50001

     Added error handling to system job: TaskActualEffortRollupBatch to prevent APEX error warnings  



    Release Notes

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