Migrating from Role to Multi-select Role

    In Inspire Planner, Roles are used to automatically assign Tasks to Project Team members. When a Role is specified for a Task and a Project Team member is added with the same Role, Inspire Planner then automatically assigns the Tasks to the Project Team member based on the Role.


    The Role picklist only allows you to select one role per Task. With the new Multi Role picklist for Project Tasks, you can now select multiple roles for the same Task. For example, you may have a Task that needs to be done by both a Developer and Project Manager. With Multi Role, you can select both Developer and Project Manager. When you create Project Team members where Role is Developer or Project Managers, then Inspire Planner will automatically assign the Task to both Developer and Project Manager. 


    If you have already specified Roles for Tasks in your Projects and Templates, you will need to migrate these values to the Multi Role picklist.


    Please Note the following:

    • Role will be deprecated as part of Inspire Planner's Jun 2024 Major Release. Therefore, we strongly recommend migrating to Multi Role and using Multi Role moving forward.
    • The steps outlined below must be completed by a Salesforce System Administrator.


    This help article will walk you through the necessary configurations to migrate Role to Multi Role.


    Enable Access to Multi Role Picklist

    If you have custom permission sets, you will need to enable access to the new Multi Role field in the Project Task Object.


    1. In Setup, enter "Permission Sets" in the Quick Find Box and click on Permission Sets.

    2. Click on your custom permission set. The image below is just an example.

    3. Click on Object Settings.

    4. Scroll through the list of objects and click on Project Tasks.

    5. Click on Edit at the top of the page.

    6. Look for Multi Role and check the boxes for Read Access and Edit Access. Click on Save when finished.

      If you have multiple custom permission sets, you will need to repeat the steps above for all your custom permission sets.


    Migrate Values from Role to Multi Role

    The next step is for you to migrate the existing values in the Role picklist to the Multi Role picklist. 


    Please Note:

    Complete the steps in this section only if you were previously using Role. Otherwise you can skip to the next step by clicking here.


    1. Go to the App Launcher at the top left corner and enter "Inspire Planner Settings" in the Quick Find Box. Then, click on Inspire Planner Settings.

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "Migrate to Multi Role assignment feature". Click on Copy Roles.


    Add Multi Role to Project Schedule Layout

    It is also recommended that you remove "Role" and instead add and use the "Multi Role" picklist in the Project Schedule (Gantt). 


    We recommend training your users to use Multi Role picklist moving forward. 






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