Agile & Task List - Things to Consider

    With the introduction of Agile and Task List to Inspire Planner, we've made a few significant changes and here are some things you should consider.


    New Field called Project Type

    A new field called “Project Type” has been added to the Project object which allows you to choose between Waterfall, Agile or Task List. The Project type determines the UI and Components that need to be displayed on the page for the Project.


    If you have automation

    If you have automation in place that auto creates Projects, you will need to modify the flow to populate a Project Type. If you intend to auto create Agile Projects, you will also need to populate a Project Key. The Project Key must be unique for every Agile Project.

    List Views & Reports

    Existing List Views and Reports do not filter Projects by type and if you wish to do so, you will need to add a Filter using Project Type.


    Please note that existing Projects do not have a value in Project Type so you may want to consider this when setting up your Filters.


    To help users easily identify the type of project a Template is for, you may want to consider prefixing your Templates with the Project Type. For example, if you have an Onboarding Template for Waterfall Projects, you may want to rename it as ”Waterfall – Onboarding Template”.

    At present, there is no validation that prevents uses from applying a template of one type to a Project of another type. 


    Standard Renamed to Waterfall

    Standard Projects have been renamed to Waterfall to better align with the Project Methodology being used. If you are still seeing “Standard”, please make the following adjustments.


    1. Edit the Project Type picklist and rename "Standard" to "Waterfall".
    2. For the custom setting called “Project Management Layout”, you will also need to change “Default Standard” to “Default Waterfall” and the Project Type to “Waterfall”.



    If you have multi-currency enabled in your Salesforce Org, you will need to add the "Currency" field on your Project Page Layouts for all Project Types (Waterfall, Agile and Task List).


    The out-of-the-box Project Multi-type Lightning Record page uses Dynamic Forms which means that changes made to page layouts do not automatically update the fields displayed within the Lightning record page. You will need to update the Project Lightning Record Page to also include the "Currency" field for all Project Types (Waterfall, Agile and Task List).


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