Project Task Assignment

    Assigning Tasks to Users

    Inspire Planner provides two methods for assigning resources to tasks. Choose the one that's easiest for you!


    Method One

    The first time you make a resource assignment in a project, you will need to follow this method.

    To assign tasks to a user, double-click on the Assigned To cell in the row of the corresponding task. Click the Pencil icon to open the Assigned To Window.  

    Enter the name of the desired user or contact in the text field. Click Search to look up Salesforce users or contacts. Click the Add box on the left of the user's name, and click Assign Task. The user or contact's name will move to the Assigned (Salesforce Tasks) pane. 

    The task fields displayed in the Assigned pane are pulled from your project and will display in Salesforce. You can modify the values in the Task Subject, StatusStart Date, Finish Date, Priority, and Notes fields by double-clicking on the field. This will not change the values in the project, just the values for the associated Salesforce task.

    Click Close to add the resource to the task and save any changes. 

    Method Two

    Once you have assigned at least one resource to a task in your project, that resource will be available for assignment to other tasks in the project. As you add more users/contacts as resources for tasks, those people will be added to your list of available resources.

    Double-click the Assign To field for a task that needs a resource. Click the down arrow to open a list of available resources. Click the box to the left of a resource name to select and assign that resource to the task. Units represent the percentage of time the resource will spend on the task. 

    Assign Task Responsibility Percentages to Users

    Once the tasks have been assigned to users, double-click in the desired Assigned To cell and click on the arrow down icon to open a list of users associated with the project. Under Units, enter the numeric percentage directly into the field or use the up/down arrows to select a value. 


    Remove Users from Assigned Tasks

    Option 1

    Double-click on the Assigned To cell in the row of the corresponding task, and click the arrow down icon to open the list of users associated with the task. Uncheck the box to the left of the desired user’s name to remove them from the task.

    Option 2

    Click the Assigned To pencil icon of the corresponding task. From the Assigned To dialog box, click the red X found at the far right of the corresponding user row in the Assigned user list.

    For help with other questions, check out our Inspire Planner Help tab for more How-To Guides and Community Q&A. If you still cannot find what you need, log a Help Ticket and someone from our Inspire Support Team will get back to you. 

    Go forth and be inspired! Happy project planning from the Inspire Planner Team!



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