Project Tasks - Kanban View

    Inspire Planner provides you with the ability to view and manage project tasks in a Kanban view.

    Start with the video below:

    Kanban View - What it is

    A Kanban view (board) visually depicts project tasks at various stages (status) using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage (status) of a project.

    Switch to Kanban View

    The default view for project tasks in Inspire Planner is the Project Task List view which displays project tasks in a list with each task being its own row. 


    To switch to Kanban view, click on the Kanban View icon at the top right corner.

    Please note that Kanban view only supports 3-tiers (levels) within the project as illustrated below. Tasks beyond the 3 tiers are not visible on the Kanban view.

    Navigate within the Kanban View

    Once you switch to Kanban view, the overall project (Tier 1) and parent tasks (Teir 2) appear in a list to the left of the project schedule.


    On the Gantt chart on the right, each child task (subtask) is represented by a square.

    At the bottom of the page is the Kanban board which lists all child tasks (subtasks) for the project according to their status. Each child task is represented by a card and the columns are the different statuses. 

    If you would like to view only the child tasks (subtasks) of a specific parent task, click on the parent task.

    The Kanban board will now only display the child tasks (subtasks) of the parent task you clicked on.

    To view all child tasks (subtasks) for the project, click on Show All.

    At the bottom right corner of each task card is the task assignment indicator. If a task has aleady been assigned to a resource, the task assignment indicator appears green. If not, it is grayed out.

    If you would like to see the assigned resource(s), click on the task assignment indicator. This will display all project resources and the resource assigned to the task is selected.

    If you would like to assign a task to a resource, click on the task assignment indicator.

    Then select the resource(s) from the list.

    To update a task's status, simply drag the task card to the corresponding status.

    The task card is color-coded depending on its status. The squares representing each task on the Gantt chart also changes color depending on the status of the task it represents.

    If you would like to switch to the project task list view, click on the Task List View icon at the top right.



    Project Task List

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