Project Team - Enable Option to Add as Collaborator

    The Project Team is consisted of the resources you are assigning tasks to. When a Project Team record is created where the Role is defined for the resource, Inspire Planner automatically assigns Tasks with the same Role (for more information, please see Auto Assign Tasks to Project Team Members using Roles). 


    When adding Project Team members, you may also choose to automatically add them as collaborators on the Project. This will create a Project Collaborator record for the resource and will grant them either read-only or read/write access to the Project, depending on the collaborator permission level you specify.


    This help article walks you through how to enable this feature for Project Teams.



    Please note: You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to complete the steps outlined in this help article.


    Grant Access to Collaborator Fields

    This section will walk you through how to enable access to Collaborator fields on the Project Team object.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Go to Object Manager.

    3. Enter "Project Team" in the Quick Find box at the top right corner and click on Project Team.

    4. Click on Fields & Relationships.

    5. In the list of Fields, click on Add as Collaborator.

    6. Next, click on Set Field-Level Security.

    7. Set it to "Visible" for all user profiles and click on Save.

    8. Go back to Fields & Relationships and in the list of fields, click on Collaborator Permission Level.

    9. Then, click on Set Field-Level Security.

    10. Set it to "Visible" for all user profiles and click on Save.



    Add Collaborator Fields to Project Team Page Layout

    Now that you've granted access to the collaborator fields, you are going to need to add them to the Project Team Page Layout. This section will show you how.


    1. While still in the Project Team object, click on Page Layouts. Then, click on the Page Layout you are using.

    2. From the list of fields, drag Add as Collaborator and Collaborator Permission Level to your desired area on the page. The click on Save.


    It is also recommended that you add the Collaborator fields in the Project Team Related List in the Project Object. This section will show you how.


    1. While in Object Manager, enter "Project" in the Quick Find Box at the top right corner and click on Project.

    2. Go to Page Layouts and click on the page layout you are using.

    3. Click on Related Lists. Then look for the Project Teams Related List and click on the Wrench Icon to open the related list properties.

    4. From the list of Available Fields, select Add as Collaborator and Collaborator Permission Level and add them to the list of Selected Fields.

    5. You can re-order the fields under Selected Fields according to your preference. Click on OK and then Save when finished.



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