Version 1.45 - Release Notes



    New Project TabThe Inspire Planner tab has been replaced with the Projects tab.  This introduces a full private security model.  Also, users are now able to create custom list views under the Projects tab.

    Ability to Add Custom Fields to Salesforce Tasks

    Users who have admin rights are able to include custom fields for Salesforce tasks in the Inspire Planner interface, which are displayed in the Assigned To and List All Salesforce Tasks dialog boxes.

    Enhanced Locking Functionality

    Project locking is invoked when app detects an editor has made an update in the project, but checks to ensure no other user has locked the project prior to making the edit.  If the project is locked, the app prompts an error to the user attempting to edit, and will have to wait until the project is unlocked before making updates.

    Ability to Change Row Color

    User can now change row color of task to highlight or for grouping.  Color us changed by right clicking to display the context menu and then selecting the desired color.

    Language Localization for Task Status

    User with admin access can define local language values for task statuses, which appear in the Status picklist within the app.

    Permission Picklist for Collaborator

    Users can now easily update permissions for existing collaborators by simply selecting another value from a Permission picklist.

    External Collaborators can update the status of their tasks.

    External Collaborators (non-Salesforce users) can now update the status of their task by clicking the My Tasks icon and updating the Status values.

    New Project Task Notification for Contacts

    When enabled, the feature automatically sends an email to a contact when a new project task is assigned to them.  This feature is enabled via the Inspire Planner Settings tab.

    New Admin Settings Page

    Admin users can manage app configurations by accessing the Inspire Planner Settings tab now.

    New Priority Field for Project Task

    New Priority field has been added as a column in Project Task, which is set to be visible by default.  This field is mapped to the Salesforce Task.Priority field.

    Also, by default the Category column is hidden.

    New Start Date field for Salesforce Tasks

    Since Salesforce tasks only contain a Due Date, enabling this feature allows users to map the project task Start Date to a custom Start Date field within Salesforce tasks.

    This feature can be enabled via the Inspire Planner Settings tab.

    Bug Fixes

    • When saving user view preferences, the save now includes the Gantt zoom setting.
    • File uploads via Chatter with related comments now activates the Chatter icon.
    • Columns to print are now displayed with checkboxes.
    • Gantt chart print issues now resolved.
    • Project tasks are now visible when a project with a column filter active is opened.
    • The vertical scroll bar no longer disappears when a user hides the Gantt chart, or when a user clicks the Collapse All icon on the left pane.
    • The keyboard shortcut for cut, CTRL+X previously resulted in an error.  This keyboard shortcut is now disabled which prevents error message.
    • Project Chatter icon mouse-over text was modified from “View Project Detail” to “Chatter Discussion for Project,” the Undo icon from “Undo” to “Undo action,” and the Redo icon  from “Repeat” to “Redo action.”

    Performance Updates

    A variety of improvements have been implemented to enhance the performance of Inspire Planner.


    Release Notes

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