Save As (Cloning) Function

    Save As Function - Overview

    A fast and easy way to set up projects is by using Save As to clone previous projects. Rather than creating a new project from scratch, you just need to adjust the pre-loaded project outline. This is also a great way to set up project templates within your Inspire Planner app.

    Let's get started!

    To Save As or Clone your project or project template, simply go to an existing project or project template, and press the Save As icon in the toolbar. 


    This brings up the Save As dialog box.

    Enter a project Name and Description.

    You can opt to Include Task Assignment and to Include Attachments by clicking on the checkbox.

    Include Task Assignment: will copy the Assigned To column to your new project.

    Include Attachments: will copy all attachments from existing project or template to your new project.

    To confirm the new project details, click Save As.

    Your new project now shows in the Inspire Project List in the Projects tab within your Salesforce instance.



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