Save As (Cloning) Function

    Save As Function - Overview

    An alternative to creating a new project from scratch is to use the Save As Function on a project. The Save As function provides you with the ability to create a new project from an existing one, similar to cloning. This allows you to quickly and easily create new projects without the hassle of having to re-define project tasks and settings.


    You have the option of cloning an existing project or project template.


    Start with the video below:

    Create a New Project using Save As

    To create a new project using the Save As function, you must first open the project or project template you wish to copy. Then, click on the Save As icon from the Project Toolbar on the left.

    A 'Save As' configuration window will open onscreen. Populate the following information:


    • Project Name - the name of the new project
    • Description (optional) - a brief description of the project.
    • Include Task Assignment - when checked, will do the following:
      - It will copy the project team records from the source project and create the related Salesforce Tasks
      - If "Add as Collaborator" is TRUE in the project team record of a Salesforce User, then it will also automatically create the related Collaborator records.
    • Include Attachments - when checked, will also copy all file attachments.
    • Default Task - sets the default status for each project task.

    Click on Save As when finished.

    The page will refresh, and you will now be taken to the new project (or project template) you created using the Save As function.

    Please note:

    • When cloning projects, the new project inherits all the settings of the source project - including time zone and non-working days.
    • If there are checklist items associated with project tasks, those get copied as well.


    We recommend you review the new project and make any needed adjustments such as Duration, Start and Finish Dates, etc. Remember to always save your changes.



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