Adding Custom Fields to a Salesforce Task

    Users can add custom fields to Salesforce tasks. In the Task Field Set: Inspire Planner Fields are displayed in the Assign To and List All Salesforce Tasks dialogues. Fields are added to the end of the dialogue.

    1. On the top rightmost corner of the Inspire Planner page, click View Profile.

    2. Select the Switch to Salesforce Classic link.

    3. Click Setup found at the top right of the Salesforce Classic page.

    4. In the next page, expand Customize under Build on the left pane.

    5. Expand Activities, and click Task Field Sets.

    6. On the right pane, click the Edit link.

    7 . Drag any of the fields that are displayed under Quick Find, and drag them below, under In the Field Set. In this example, the field selection is found under Task Name.



    8. Click any of the selection under Task on the left. Field selection under these is displayed under Quick Find. Drag and drop as many as you prefer.

    9. Click Save.

    10. To check if the fields you selected and saved are now displayed, go to the Assigned To dialog box, which can be accessed by clicking the checkbox icon or the edit Assigned To icon.

    You can also see them under List All Salesforce Tasks icon.



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