Map Inspire Task Start Date to new SF Task field

    This article is for users who have administrator roles.

    By default, Inspire Planner comes with a Start Date field that has already been mapped. However, if the customer administrator prefers to create a custom field or map to an existing field, they can do so via the Inspire Planner Settings page, after they have enabled the feature.

    Follow these steps to map the Start Date to a new Salesforce Task field:

    1. Admin creates a new custom Start Date field on SF Task object by following the steps in this article: Adding Custom Fields to a Salesforce Task.
    2. Admin navigates to the new Inspire Planner Admin page by following the steps in this article: New Admin Interface Page.
    3. Admin toggles second setting, which is Enable Start Date for Salesforce tasks, to allow mapping of the project task Start Date to a custom Start Date field within Salesforce tasks. Enabling the setting displays the Start Date dropdown picklist, which lists all available date fields for Saleforce tasks.
    4. Admin selects the field to map to the Start Date
    5. Once the admin selects and saves, this writes the API name to custom setting.

    The Start Date is mapped as: 

    Inspire Start Date > maps to the Reminder Date on Salesforce Task .

    Inspire Start Date > maps to the custom Start Date field selected in the configuration.


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