Portfolios allow users to view and display a set of projects in a single combined Gantt view.  Portfolios will display the overall schedule of each project and their related Milestones.

    Creating a Portfolio

    1. Click on the Portfolio tab


    2. Click New to create a new portfolio


    3. Enter a Portfolio Name and Description. Hit Save when finished.


    4. To add Projects to your Portfolio, click Select Projects.


    5. Check the Projects that you want to add to your Portfolio. Hit Save when finished.

    You should now see the selected Projects listed in the Portfolio. Portfolios provide an overall view of your Projects, therefore specific Project Tasks are not displayed.


    Portfolio Indicators

    Project Milestones will be plotted on the Gantt chart in your Portfolio. Milestones will appear as different colors depending on the status.

    Not StartedGrey
    In ProgressBlue




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