Spring 18 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Spring 18 Release.



    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    Ability to Create Portfolios

     Users can now create Portfolios which allow you to see a high level overview of a set of Projects and a combined Gantt Chart based on Project Start and Finish Dates.  


    Time Tracker 

    Users can now define the estimated effort to complete a task (Planned Effort) and log time against their assigned Tasks (Actual Effort).

    Users will see a new Time Tracker tab where they can log time by day or by week. Users can also log time directly in their Salesforce Tasks.

    New Planned Effort & Actual Effort Columns Users will now see two new columns within the Project Schedule: Planned Effort and Actual Effort.  Planned Effort allows Project Managers to specify the estimated amount of time it takes to complete a task. When Resources log time against their assigned tasks, the time entries roll up to Actual Effort  
    New "Enter" Key Behaviour When editing a cell, pressing the "Enter" (Return) Key on your keyboard will now move you to the same cell in the next row.  
    New Message for Unsaved Changes When editing a Project, users will now see a message that tells them if their are unsaved changes on the Project. This lets the user know to save their changes before leaving the Project.   
    Read-Only Acces can now use Column Filters Users with read-only access to Projects can now use column filters for Project Tasks.  
    Inspire Planner External Portal - Contacts can now update Tasks When a Contact is added as a project collaborator, they are able to update the status of their own tasks in the Inspire Planner External Portal which will update the Salesforce task record.  
    Share only assigned tasks to Contact When adding a Contact as a Project Collaborator, users can now specify the Contact's visibility in the Inspire Planner External Portal. They can now choose to display only tasks assigned to the contact vs the Full Project.  
    Task Assignment Notification Users can now be notified by email when a task is assigned to them.  This is now a setting in the Project Settings dialogue accessed by clicking the gear icon.  





    Impact/Action Needed

    Gantt Chart Enhancements 
    • When hovering over a bar in the Gantt Chart, the background color is now lighter. This allows for the text to be more readable.
    • Saturdays and Sundays now appear in grey when viewing the Gantt Chart
    Milestones can now be on a Weekend Milestones can now be set on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) when the Project Setting "Weekends as working days" is enabled for a Project.  

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Start & Finish Dates now adjust according to working hours Updating working hours for a Project now reflects the accurate Start and Finish Date  
    Salesforce Tasks created for Inactive Users When assigning Project Tasks to Inactive Users, a Salesforce Task is no longer created.  
    Task Type populating with incorrect value Task Type now populating with the correct values.  
    Parent Tasks not updating properly Start Date, Finish Date and Duration for Parent Tasks now update correctly based on the values of the subtasks.  
    Export to Excel not working in Firefox Resolved an issue where Export to Excel was not working in Firefox when in Salesforce Lightning Experience.  
    Baseline Dates Format Baseline Date Format now adjusts according to user's setting.  
    Project View Settings not saving Resolved an issue where project view settings were not saving.  
    Parent Tasks not calculating Baseline Parent Tasks now update correctly when setting Task Baselines.  
    Unlocked Projects not displaying as Unlocked Resolved an issue where if a Project was unlocked, it was not showing us unlocked in Salesforce Lightning Experience.  
    TypeError: Cannot Read Property 'style' of null 

    Fixed the following error message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null




    Release Notes

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