Spring 18 - Release Notes




    Ability to Create Project Portfolios Users are now able to create a set of projects with a project start and end date in a combined project view.
    Time Tracker 

    Users can now define the estimated time to complete a task (Planned Effort) and log time against specific Project Tasks (Actual Effort).

    Users will see a new Time Tracker tab where they can log time by day or week.  Users can also log time directly in their Salesforce task.

    Planned Effort and Actual Effort Columns Users will now see two new columns within the Project Task table: Planned Effort and Actual Effort.  Planned Effort allows user to track estimated time and allocate to resources.  Planned Effort will be applied to Salesforce tasks assigned to resources.  Resources can log time against Salesforce Task which roll up to Actual Effort column.
    Updated "Enter" Key Behavior When editing a cell, a user can now hit "Enter" to edit the same cell in the next row.
    Updated Message for Unsaved Changes Users are prompted with a new warning message as soon as edits are applied to a project.  This is a clear indicator for users to save their project prior to existing.
    Background Color of Gantt Chart The background color when hovering over a bar when viewing the Gantt Chart is now lighter.  This allows for the text to be more readable.
    Weekend Shading for Gantt Chart  Saturdays and Sundays are now shaded grey when viewing the Gantt Chart
    Column Filter for Read Only View Users with read only access to a Project now have the ability filter by columns.
    Contacts Can Update Project Tasks External Project Viewer: When a Contact is added as a collaborator, they are able to update the status of their own tasks which will update the Salesforce task record.
    Share Only Assigned Tasks to Contacts Users can now specify if a Contact has permission to only view Assigned Tasks or the Full Project.
    Task Assignment Alert Users can now be notified by email when a task is assigned to them.  This is now a setting in the Project Settings dialogue accessed by clicking the gear icon.
    Bug Fixes 
    • Updating working day hours now reflects an accurate start and finish date.
    • Assigning tasks to inactive users no longer creates a Salesforce Task for them.
    • Task Type now populates with correct value.
    • Start, finish and duration times for parent tasks are now accurately updated when individual tasks with a completed status are grouped.
    • Export to Excel now works when using Firefox browser in Lightening experience.
    • Baseline date fields are now formatted to user's locale setting.
    • View preferences (column order, column width etc) are now saved.
    • Parent tasks are calculated when setting a new baseline
    • Milestones can be set for Saturday and Sunday when "Weekend as Workdays" is selected.
    • If a Project is unlocked, it is now shown as unlocked in Salesforce Lightening view. 
    • Fixed the following error message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null


    Release Notes

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