Admin Guide - Enable Dynamic Portfolios

    Dynamic Portfolios leverage the power of Salesforce list views to dynamically filter and update portfolios, eliminating the need for manual updates. When a Project list view is associated with a portfolio, any project records that meet the list view criteria are reflected in the portfolio in real-time. This ensures that portfolios always present the most up-to-date information based on the selected Project list view.


    This help article will walk you through the necessary configurations to enable Dynamic Portfolios in Inspire Planner.


    Please Note:

    You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to complete the steps in this article.



    Grant Permissions

    The first step is to make sure that users have access to new fields and components that are used in Dynamic Portfolios. Access to these new fields and components is already part of our standard permission sets. However, if you have custom permission sets, you will need to edit them to enable access.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner and go to Setup

    2. Enter “Permission Set” in the Quick find box. Then, click on Permission Sets

    3. Click on your custom permission set. The image below shows an example.

    4. Click on Object Settings.

    5. Click on Portfolios.

    6. Click on Edit.

    7. Enable Read Access and Write Access to the following fields and click on Save.

      Is Dynamic
      List View ID

    8. Next, within the same permission set, go to Apex Class Access.

    9. Click on Edit.

    10. Add "inspire1.GetListViewMockClass" and click on Save.

    11. Repeat the steps above for all your custom permission sets.


    Edit Portfolio Page Layout

    Now that you have enabled access to fields used in Dynamic Portfolios, the next step would be to add the fields to your Portfolio page layout.


    1. In Setup, go to Object Manager.

    2. Enter "Portfolio" in the Quick Find Box and click on Portfolios.

    3. Go to Page Layouts and click on Project Portfolio Layout.

    4. From the list of available fields, drag "Is Dynamic" to your desired area on the page and click on Save.


    Activate CSP Trusted Site

    You will also need to activate the CSP Trusted Sites used in Portfolio LWC.


    1. In Setup, enter "CSP" in the Quick Find box and click on CSP Trusted Sites.

    2. Click on Edit beside InspirePlannerProjects. 

    3. Set "Active" to TRUE and click on Save. You will also need to set the "InspirePlannerPrintingService" CSP Trusted Site to "Active".




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