Assigning Inspire Planner Licenses to Users

    If you would like to assign Inspire Planner licenses to new users, or update existing license assignments, follow the steps below.

    Assigning Licenses to New Users

    1. Make sure that you are logged into your Salesforce instance as an Administrator.
    2. Click the Setup () icon found on the top right-hand portion of the Inspire Planner page.


    1. Select All Setup from the dropdown.


    1. On the left pane, in the Quick Find search box, type 'Installed Packages'
    2. On the right pane, under Inspire Planner click Manage Licenses to launch the License Assignment page.

    Assign inspire planner license

    1. Click the Add Users button.
    2. Select your desired users, and click Add.
    3. Once selected and added, new users appear under the Licensed Users list, which is found

    Updating Existing User Licenses

    1. Follow steps 1 through 4 of Assigning Licenses to New Users above.
    2. Click the Remove link beside the users you wish to be unassigned, or click the Remove Multiple Users button by selecting the desired users, and clicking Remove.

    If you require additional licenses, please visit our Purchasing Licenses article.




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