Sharing Projects

    To share your project sheet, follow these steps.

    1. Click on the Project Collaborator icon found in the left icon panel called the Toolbar.

    This opens the Sharing dialog box. The list shows individuals who are collaborators of the project and their details. Permissions for existing collaborators are easily modified by simply selecting another option from the Permission dropdown.

    2. Clicking the Add Collaborators button opens the Share Project dialog box.

    3. Enter a user or contact, and click the Lookup (

    Lookup icon

    ) button. This opens the Select box where you can search and select the users and contacts with whom you would like to share the project with.

    Sharing with a user enables them to edit the project. Contacts are only able to update the status and description of their tasks.

    The Type column identifies if the record is either a user or a contact. The License column identifies which Salesforce license type is assigned to the user.  This helps you decipher between internal users versus Community portal users if applicable.

    4. Viewer optionThis provides read-only access to the project and does not permit the contact to modify any of the project tasks. The contact, however, is able to add Chatter posts, filter by columns and upload files to project tasks.

    Editor option: This provides full access to the project and permits the user to modify project tasks, add collaborators, add chatter posts and upload files.

    5. You can opt to send an email to the user or contact you shared a project with to notify him or her. Enter a subject and your message, or use the default subject and message.

    6. Click the Share button. Otherwise, click Cancel.

    Share Projects to External Contacts (Non-Salesforce Users)

    1. Go to the Inspire Planner Settings page, and enable sharing projects to external contacts. 

    2. Go back to the project you want to share with an external contact, and click the Project Collaborator icon on the left Toolbar.

    3. In the Sharing dialog box, click Add Collaborators.

    4. In the Share Project dialog box, select a contact (not user), and select the Viewer option. 

    5. Select whether the Contact has access to the Full Project, or to Assigned Tasks Only.

    6. Enable the Send Email option, and add a subject and a message. Alternatively, you can use the default subject and message.

    7. Clicking Share sends an email to the contact, and invites them to create an account, where they can view the project that has been shared.

    8. External Contacts are able to update the status and description of their own tasks which will update the Salesforce task record.




    Project Collaboration

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