Printing the Project Plan

    Printing is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

    IMPORTANT: Chrome and Firefox should be set to allow pop-ups.

    1. Locate the divider.

    2. Drag the cursor to the middle, left or right to denote which area should be printed. If you wish to print both Project Task List and Gantt Chart, place the divider in the middle. Choose only a few columns in the Select Columns field in the Print Settings box to show more of the Gantt Chart.

    If you do not wish to include the Project Task List in your print out, drag the divider to the far left of the project to show the Gantt Chart, or you click the Display Gantt Chart icon found above the Project Task List on the right.

    The Select Columns field in Print settings should be empty by unchecking ALL columns.

    The same applies if you only wish to print the Project Task List, drag the divider line to the far right to hide the Gantt Chart, or click the Hide Gantt Chart icon.

    Before clicking the Print icon, set your columns to the desired width, such as expanding tasks columns until the longest task name is visible.

    3. Click the Print Project Plan (

    Print Project Plan icon

    ) icon on the Toolbar, the left icon panel. This opens the Print Settings box.

    Print Settings dialog box
















    Schedule Range – Select desired option to include in the printout.

    • Complete Schedule – prints entire project.
    • Date Range – prints a set of project tasks based on a specified timeframe.
    • Visible Schedule – prints only what you can currently see on your screen.

    Select Columns – Check or uncheck boxes to include or exclude Task List columns in the printout. If you only want to print the Gantt chart, uncheck all columns.

    Rows Range – Select either All Rows or Visible Rows to include in the printout.

    Control Pagination – When you set pagination options, you can control where automatic page break are inserted or override automatic page breaks.

    • Multiple Pages – creates page breaks both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, you may have multiple pages wide when printing.
    • Multiple Pages (vertically) – restricts to only vertical page breaks.  The system optimizes the printout to fit within a single page horizontally.

    Paper Format – Select the paper format option you want.

    Orientation - You can choose either Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) orientation for your entire document.

    DPI (Dots per Inch) – Select the output resolution of the printer or image setter, and the physical dot density of an image when it is reproduced. Select from range between 65 and 200 dpi from the dropdown.

    Show Header – Enable or disable option to include or exclude the header of Task List and Gantt chart in the printout.


    Schedule Range: Complete Schedule (or whichever you desire)

    Select Columns: Uncheck unnecessary rows, such as the icons, comments, etc. Uncheck ALL if you want to print only the Gantt Chart.

    Row Range: All Rows

    Control Pagination: Multiple pages (vertically)

    Paper Format: Letter (or format of paper you will print on)

    Orientation: Landscape

    DPI (dots per inch): 150

    Show Header: Enabled 

    6. Once you’re happy with how the print settings, click Print, which launches the Print window in another browser.

    7. Select desired destination or printer by clicking the Change button. Saving the print out may depend on the destination or printer you have selected.

    Note: When printing both Project Task List and Gantt Chart, the fewer columns you include in Select Columns picklist, a wider Gantt chart is displayed.




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