Adjusting Project Task List Columns

    We've designed the Inspire Planner interface to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. If you are already familiar with Microsoft Excel, then navigating the project task list columns should be easy.


    The Inspire Planner Project User Interface allows you to customize your Project view settings by resizing and/or reordering columns, displaying/hiding columns and filtering rows. 


    When you customize your project view settings, Inspire Planner automatically saves it so that the next time you go back to the same Project, it will display the same columns in the same order and widths you've previously specified. 


    Please Note the following: 

    • Inspire Planner saves the project view settings per user per project. This means that if User A adjusts the columns for Project A, then Inspire Planner saves it for User A for Project A. If User B views Project A, User B will see a different set of columns. 
    • Project view settings of a Template carry over to every Project created from the Template. This means that when you adjust the columns within a Project Template, new Projects created from the template will inherit the same project view settings. This only affects new Projects created after and will not affect any Projects created prior to the template being adjusted.


    This help article covers how to:


    Resizing Columns

    To resize a column, simply place your cursor on top of the dividing line between columns. Your cursor will turn into a double-ended arrow and you just drag it either left or right to your desired width.



    Re-Ordering Columns  

    To re-order columns, click on the column header you wish to move, hold your cursor and drag it to your desired location. you want to transfer, hold and drag it to the desired location.

    As you move the column around the interface, you'll see a red x and the column name of the column you are moving. This denotes that you cannot drop the column in the area you are currently at.

    The red x will turn into a green checkmark once you move the column into an area where the column can be moved to. Green up and down arrows also mark the area where the column is going to be inserted.


    Display or Hide Columns

    You are able to specify which columns you want to display or hide in your project. This allows you to see and only focus on information that is pertinent to the project and unnecessary data.


    To select which columns to display, click on any column header. Then click on the drop down arrow that appears beside it.

    Place your cursor on top of 'Columns' in the menu. To the right, a list of all column headings will be displayed. Those with a checkmark display as columns on the project task list. Those without a checkmark are hidden columns. You can choose which columns to display by placing a checkmark beside the column. To hide a column, simply remove the checkmark.


    Filter rows within a Column

    You can also choose to filter rows within your Project Task List based on values you specify. For example, you may want to only view project tasks that have a status of 'In Progress'.


    To do so, click on the column header for the value you wish to filter by. For example, if you wish to filter by 'Status', then you would click on the 'Status' column header. Then click on the drop down arrow that appears beside it.


    Next, hover over 'Filters'. To the right, a list of values found within the column will be displayed. To select which tasks to display, select a value by placing a checkmark beside it. For example, if you would like to see Tasks that have a status of 'Completed', then you would place a checkmark beside it. You can select as many values as you'd like.


    The project task list will refresh and only display tasks that match the value you selected within filters.



    When a filter is applied, the column heading appears in italics and is underlined. This enables you to easily identify columns where a filter is in use.

    To remove a filter, click on the column heading again, hover over 'Filters' and remove the checkmarks.


    Please note that when you customize your project view (i.e. resizing columns, reordering columns, displaying and hiding columns), Inspire Planner remembers your project settings so that the next time you view the project, it keeps your configurations. 


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