Project Task List Columns

    The project task list behaves similarly to an Excel spreadsheet in terms of manipulating the different columns.

    Resizing Columns

    To amend the width of any column, hover the cursor over the dividing line between two columns, and when you see the horizontal resize () icon, drag to either left or right to achieve the desired width.

    Re-Ordering Columns  

    To re-order columns, click on the desired column header you want to transfer, hold and drag it to the desired location. The red x mark turns into a green checkmark and two green indicators appear once the column header has been positioned in an appropriate location.     

    Hiding Columns

    To modify which columns appear in the Project Task List, hover the cursor over any column header, and click on the arrow down icon that appears. From the dropdown, select Columns. Uncheck desired columns from the dropdown to hide them from the project view. To reverse this step, simply re-check the boxes.

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