Copy and Paste Tasks

    Looking for a good cheat to get your project plan finished even faster? Rather than entering task details from scratch, use the Copy and Paste option by following these simple steps.  Start by reviewing the video below:


    First off, you must, of course, be logged into your Salesforce instance, and into the Inspire Planner application.

    1. Open an existing project. Click the Projects tab or drop-down arrow beside the Projects header. 

    2. On the Project Task List, press Ctrl and select to highlight the task row that you wish to copy. To select more than one task, hold down the Ctrl key and click to highlight the desired rows.

    Select consecutive task rows by clicking on the first and last row of the desired tasks while holding down the Shift key. This highlights all tasks in between the two indicated rows.

    3. Once the desired rows have been selected, click Ctrl + C

    4. Select the row (in a new project, in another existing project or in the current project) to which you wish to paste the copied rows, and click Ctrl + V. 

    5. Once the rows have been pasted, populated task details are carried over and pasted onto the new rows.

    6. Amend the details as needed before clicking the Save Project Plan icon.

    Note: You can copy and paste a maximum of 1000 task rows at a time.

    For help with other questions, check out our Inspire Help tab in the top menu bar for more  How-To Guides and Community Q & A. If you still didn’t find what you were looking for, log a Help Ticket and someone from our Inspire Support Team will get back to you.

    Go forth and be inspired! Happy project planning from the Inspire Planner Team!


    Project Task List

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